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Demand For Software Professionals In Future

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According to Global Developer Population and Demographic Study, Software Developers have a total population of 26.4 million worldwide and is going to exponentially rise in the coming years because of the relevance and need of software developments, data science field, and cybersecurity with emerging technologies like automation (AI, ML, and DL), cryptocurrency and virtual reality.

These fields would be the catalyst for jobs like engineering, data science, smart products, sales, and marketing. Since with every second passing, more and more traditional organizations opened new frontiers for skilled software developers to make a perfect balance between technical and soft skills in every field.

Software developer jobs outlook

As the world’s economy falls because of the COVID-19 pandemic, here is what software developers need to know and what to do with the future jobs market, I am discussing.

During the pandemic, the role of software developers became even more important, as we all rely more on software in our daily lives. For this, many developers have been working more and more than normal routines and quickly adapting to the working environment from home. The number of software developer jobs is also increasing day by day. Software Developer jobs are bouncing back with more strength.

With the advancement in the software development field, the technology roles proven to be pandemic-proof as companies accelerate digital transformation all over the world and adapting the changes associated with skilled persons and after observing different working environments, software developer population growth is expecting to increase in the coming years.

In the United States, demand for software developer roles such as apps and web developers, cloud engineers, and full-stack developers increases nearly 25% from 2020 continuously, as per the analysis by LinkedIn.

Demand for artificial intelligence specialists and machine learning engineers is also rapidly rising 32% over the year and year and in the UK these engineering roles have been seen spiking about 45% in year-on-year demand.

Booming jobs for software Developers

1. Data scientist

Continuously for three in the USA, a Data science job is a highly demanding job. Data science is a stream in software engineering that revolves around the creation of relevant data based on enormous amounts of data of user behavior, market trends, etc. It plays a major role in revolutionary areas like health, e-commerce, and financial industries. Using statistics and software engineering aptitude, the data science experts gather, analyze and represent the data to extracts relevant insights from the data and helps in decision making.

2. Cybersecurity Engineer

With the increase in the network and internet of devices network, security has become a more essential concern in these fields. The main concern of the software companies is to ensure the security of these devices and for the same, they hire software professionals who are sound in security.

3. Machine learning Engineer

This is one of the core areas of Artificial Intelligence that motive is to provide automation without being explicitly programmed. As the machine model is exposed to new sets of data, it learns, trains, modify and develops insights in the data automatically and all these types of models are developed by the machine engineers.

For example, Machine Learning and Deep learning work in the case of the self-driving car, friend suggestions on Facebook cyber fraud detection, Netflix recommendation and Amazon showing product suggestions to the users, etc. Machine learning engineers can extract valuable information from analyzing the web search results, pattern and image recognition, email spam filtering, real-time ads on devices. All these works require experts in software technology with mathematics.

4. Full-stack developers

As per the Indeed survey, a full-stack developer is one of the most in-demand job postings category by employers of recent scenario. Full Stack Developers handles the entire project from designing the concepts to deploying the product appropriately with proper backend and front-end support.

5. Python developer

With the rise of AI and Machine Learning technologies, Python is an on-demand language for its flexibility, ease of learning, and has a large developer community, making it easier to write great code. According to studies, it has been observed that Python codes are reducing development time by up to half.

This is one of the main reasons that companies are turning towards Python in more significant numbers every day. Besides this, Python supports many styles of programming, including functional, object-oriented, and procedural. Python also has a wide array of libraries exists to help machine learning, Deep learning as well as data analysis and visualization.

More and more new apps are looking for Python rather than PHP and other languages. Python programmers make code readability and increase productivity when used for web apps, desktop apps, data mining operations, and web apps.

6. JAVA developer

According to Oracle reports, there are more than 9 million Java developers across the world, as Java continues to dominate the enterprise and with the growing cloud technologies. Java is not too easy to learn as python but it is very quick to write, compile, debug, and learn when compared to other programming languages.

Java is present everywhere and is a relatively secured language as compare to other languages because of the explicit pointers used in it. Java is also known for portability and all the programs run inside the sandbox to protect them from any unauthorized source. Java also converts codes into byte codes that are not easily readable by humans.

7. Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is a booming industry since a couple of years would require a higher layer of security. Cloud security is one of the hot areas of research concern. Cloud service providers need an infrastructure of security. software developers start learning courses on cloud computing and security and they can expect a lot of job opportunities in the coming years by seeing the impact of cloud services.

8. Scrum master

Scrum is a framework that utilizing a likable or agile mindset for developing and delivering complex products with an initial emphasis on software development. Other fields include research, marketing, sales, and advanced technologies.

Likable methodologies are gaining popularity among IT enterprises. Scrum has highly impacted on faster marketing, higher quality products, customer satisfaction, and greater flexibility.

In this methodology, the product owner creates a wish list and their project team delivers the products to the customer by listing them down it into smaller pieces. This process is repeated by the team several times. Now the role of scrum master comes into the picture by doing this work very smoothly centralized by making coordination between the activities of the customer with the project team.

As the scrum master takes care of such an array of roles, attributes, and responsibilities, companies or Organizations are hiring them to get a good ROI and for high-quality project deliveries.

Skills that a Software Engineer has to adopt for becoming a sound Software Engineer

1. Problem Decomposition

Being a software Engineer, one should know how a problem or system can be decomposed into smaller parts that can be more manageable and easy to work on it. The breaking smaller parts are then examined and solved or can be designed separately.

2. Code Readability

The life of a software engineer is passed into working with lots of teams at every level. It is said that Coding is not a one-person show, A software Engineer has to work with team coordination and collaboration with the different peoples across the timelines. The code readability will only be effective if you are very much familiar with the members of your team.

3. Offensive programming

This term means that software engineers must have the skills to deal with errors resulting from software bugs and it also empowers the developer to find the root cause of the issue. This can save gazillion hours for you and your team.

4. Data structures, functions, and I/O

If a software developer has command of data structures it means he/she can work fundamentally on the algorithm and flow of the projects and can make better understanding by designing them.

Function and I/O knowledge help them to save time in coding.

5. Pair Programming

pair programming is that way of handling the code in which when two programmers work together at a single machine/workstation, where one programmer codes, the other one reviews it and both of them switch their roles frequently so that they can reduce their defects in the coding part.

6. World Wide Web

Software developers must be able to build applications of the web works according to the present-day needs as everything is increasing rapidly and becoming digital.

7. Coding principles

Software developers must Learn many coding principles especially DRY (Do not repeat yourself) and YAGNI (you are not gone a need it), etc. These techniques help developers to code uniquely and use the things which are needed.

8. Libraries, environments, and languages

Software developers must strengthen his/her grips over libraries, environments, and languages. It means learning to deploy apps with continuous integration through Heroku and AWS. Software engineers can also design and create web pages with HTML with CSS and PHP and can build robust servers with NodeJS and ExpressJS.

The software developer must deeper involve in ReactJS which is an open-source javascript library for building single-page applications used for mobile development, master the React Native framework. There are a lot of high-paying jobs that require specialization in these areas. One can also focus on Object-Oriented Programming, database management systems with PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Programming platforms with higher demand in coming years

Modern programming languages like Go, Rust, and Dart with their popularity got the attention of the developers over the past few years, and demand for expertise with language like Java is still strong. Java is the second most demanding skill for employers after SQL as per the analysis of jobs site Indeed.

No doubt, Python programming has quickly become the third most in-demand skill, according to Indeed. Python skilled people getting handsome packages like java developers and with this speed, it may become number one or two soon.

On the back end, the cloud is the most attractive destination like Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud stack with Docker and Kubernetes expertization.


I strongly believed that this pandemic provides an opportunity for software developers to learn new emerging skills and rebirth themselves with the help of some training programs. Reputed/MNCs companies start paying for this training so that their technological gems become perfect in today’s and future technology. In a survey, I also found that technology training and resources specialists spike 24% year-over-year because of companies.


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