Analysis of Service Design in IT and Service Management:

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Analysis of Service Design in IT and Service Management:


Service management can be defined as the monopoly of organizational and managerial tasks specifically formulated to procure and empower users and customers with high-value assistance. Service Management provides systematic and qualitatively measurable databases to a firm. Service design, however, includes the design of courtesies or services, governing strategies, programs, and techniques required to realize the service provider strategy. It also assists the firm in interpreting services into supported atmospheres, incorporating the fundamental roles of the administration strategy. This administrative strategy is used for applications, procedures, reserves, and infrastructures, and is modeled to approve a proactive and strategic protocol. Service design encompasses the prerequisite of IT as a supreme facet in fostering business expansion and development.

Business design management unifies disparate techniques to enhance,

· Discernibility

· Coherence

· Expense potency of IT management.

Business design is also regarded as the confluence between apparent exchanges and consumer viewpoint in terms of incorporated supply chain management.

Tools and Techniques of Business Design:

Business service management emphasizes optimizing services that enhance the innovation and productivity of the business. BSM endorses proactivity by enabling companies to identify risks and crises and urges organizations to seek remedies before the customers face it before it affects sales.

Business service management captures and channels data and evidence scrutinizing supply, demand, reserves, and finance; compiling them all together into a graphical representation; identifying the demands and desires of the customers while enabling the companies to predict the consumer buying behavior.

Business management tends to emphasize the requirements of a customer, assisting the companies to attain their business objectives and to promote the organization’s value proposition through practical use of technology. This process can acquire some cultural changes as the focus of the IT department on hardware and software shifts, enabling the companies to predict service delivery and net operating income: All possible because of the Information Technology.


The business design translates IT metrics into the business extent, for the convenience of users. It delivers actionable information and predictive knowledge providing disparate bureaus with enhanced transparency while decreasing the time spent on translating for the lines of IT data. The services provided by business design include,

· The strategy of design coordination

· Service catalog management

· Service level management

· Availability management

· Business management

· IT assistance continuity surveillance

· Information security management

· Supplier administration

Business design examines the significance augmented by IT services and embodies insightful and customizable information.

CIOs play an important role in business design management as they significantly determine the techniques to improve design receptacle, distribute service based on enterprise demands and govern throughout life progression so that the best intersect with business. The major objectives of business design are,

· Account for the purpose, scope, and objectives of service design.

· Explanation of the significance of business design to business scope.

· Comprehension of the significance of people, techniques, and collaborators for service management.

Analysis of Service Design of an organization

The organization that I have chosen for the service design analysis is the Australian and New Zealand, banking group. But before we go into the details of the bank, we must understand the business type and scope of this bank.

Business Type:

The Australian and New Zealand banking group limited, generally known as ANZ, is an Australian multinational monetary and banking organization. It’s considered the second-largest bank in Australia as per assets and the third-largest in the country by market capitalization. The company has exhibited multiple examples of success by adopting successful strategies of E-banking.


The vision of ANZ bank is defined in terms of these four values,

· Appreciate, listen to, and value the opinion of others.

· Work and collaborate in groups.

· Stay determined in words to Assist others in understanding


The following services are provided by Australian and New Zealand banking group limited,

· Personal services

· Credit cards, low interest rate, reward frequent Flyers, and platinum.

· Person loans and debt consolidation.

· Buying a new or used car.

· Renovations of houses or other buildings.

· National and international travel.

· Foreign exchange.

· Procedures for internet banking and mobile banking.

· ATM services in both New Zealand and Australia.

Service Design Of ANZ bank:

The service design of ANZ bank has been exceptional and world-class when it comes to achieving the title of the best bank, winning the confidence of their customers. ANZ provides support to local and global businesses and seeks to pertain with growth opportunities and chances. ANZ was the first bank in the World to appoint a chief design officer, Opher Yom- Tov.

While analyzing the service design of ANZ bank, I had chosen the human-centered design. The service design of ANZ mainly focuses to solve problems and build compelling experiences for customers and staff. It also assists customers to capitalize on the mobilization of money and goods across the locality by strengthening the extensive network of banking consultants and experts spanning 33 market’s markets globe. Moreover, it also encompasses 14 exclusive markets spread into the territory of Asia. (Ghodke, 2010)

Also, the service management of ANZ bank incorporates the strategy to suit the need of their customers on a global and regional, and local level. It assists organizations to concentrate on strengthening the power of innovation, technology, and creativity to bring fast, secure, and world-class digital platforms. The service design emphasizes the significance of implicating staff from across departments to work with design teams to maximize human-centered design in various departments across the association. It facilitates its customers with an affectionate alliance, collaborating with their capable and highly qualified leaders and banking specialists all across the branches of ANZ. ANZ aspires to keep an ideal IT infrastructure and aligns the IT infrastructure to a service network, enabling the business service design to understand the performance of individual services. The service design of ANZ benefits from the analytics and matrices (Watts, 2020)

How service design enables the ANZ bank to take operational challenges:

The business service design of ANZ focuses on becoming a customer-centered organization and gain supervision over process complexity. The bank relies on boosting its service quality which focuses on the valuation that reflects the customer’s judgment of a specific proportion of service. It has been defined as an iterative process to solve the right dilemmas at the exact time. The service design enables ANZ to envision and substantiate plans before making investments. It has adopted its mountain of climbing strategy to tackle operational challenges of the customer, staff satisfaction. The service design of ANZ bank is based on,

· Dependability

· Responsiveness

· Confidence

· Compassion

· Substantial

Strategies to improve Service Design of ANZ:

After analyzing the service design of Australian and New Zealand bank grouping limited, there’s room for strategies to enhance it. The following are some of the strategies ANZ can adopt to improve its service design,


Automation can greatly enhance service design when Human Resources and Information Technology services become increasingly digitalized, then switching to the mode of automation is a prerequisite. Further, service delivery automation is a high return and insufficient risk and is a dire need as more service organizations are seeking ways to cut costs and provide reasonable customer knowledge by alleviating the involvement of humans.

Designing customer-centered Service strategy:

Another strategy to improve service management is the development of an appropriate customer-centered service strategy rather than a human-centered strategy. Since, customer-centered strategy evaluates the requirements by assessing its service-related strategies processes, techniques, tools, and procedures.

The further steps formulated during this strategy are designing of process and tools, the determination of roles, the standard for interpreting service models, and the recognition of the interfaces with other processes. This mechanism can enable the ANZ to promote its business and enhance its service designing strategy.

Transitional service strategy:

Transitioning training strategy can be adopted by ANZ as it is one of the most beneficial options to improve the business service management of ANZ. It involves the modification and implementation of designs into tested solutions. However, the organization might invest to buy the tools and implement innovative techniques.

Continual Assessment of service design:

Periodic assessment of service management is necessary to improve service designs and several facets related. For instance, it is essential to ensure alignment to the constantly changing environment of business, evaluating the f organizational enterprise, processes, business community, and maintain speed with changing technology and external trends in the business society can enable the firm to improve service management.

Some more strategies can also help ANZ to procure its existing service management including,

· Taking external opportunities

· Empowering organization internally

· Empowering the employees

· Gap analysis


ANZ can best utilize these strategies to improve its business service design, enabling increased confidence of customers in the services of banks and a better relationship between ANZ and the patrons leading to increased revenue and net worth in the global market.


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