A Game Changer or Just a Pause?

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A Game Changer or Just a Pause?

As you all must be aware that many new things are happening around these days because of corona pandemic. I too got a chance to attend a highly informative webinar on “Corona Pandemic and the New World Order”. Thus, I decided to share some of the glimpses and the observations that I could draw from the webinar here also. This pandemic has thrown out various uncertainties and controversies all over the world such as –

Origin of the Virus

Culpability of China

Power struggle for the world hegemony

Responsibility of Media – It is yet to see. whether China is actually at fault. or It is just a narrative created by media?

Affected global Logistics of Supply chain

Is it the end of globalisation or just a pause? Will it lead to a new kind of globalisation? If so, then what will be the kind of new globalisation?

It’s been four months that we are in the crisis. We are continuously suffering from economy losses, deaths and miseries. Infact, the richer and the developed nations are suffering more. This virus has exposed the vulnerability of the world in terms of political leaderships, health security and many more. Talking about US-China rival, it is clear that US reacted violently to china and tried to push China down. What will happen between the two, is yet to be seen? It is a new kind of cold war between the two. US-China’s open acceptance and denial game of the blames is often seen these days. Americans are hitting Chinese economically and have shifted their supply chain from china. They are following Americans first policy and What sort of superpower America is will come up by the time only. However, Russia is deceptively quiet on the matter. Initially, there were very few cases of virus in Russia but at present infection rate in the country is high. No Doubt, Russia has got some breathing space because of US-China rivalry. Ofcourse, China’s international status has suffered. There are credibility issues related to china. At the same time China is extremely active in the South china sea, Hong Kong and Ladakh region at present. Also, This virus has affected the Chinese diaspora.

Coming to Europe, the biggest victim of virus it is seen that Despite being the best health systems in the world , they collapsed because the numbers of the cases were so high. Countries like Italy, Spain and France faced a large number of miseries. However, at present French is calling back to business like many others. Also, UK’s pandemic has revealed their weaknesses such as National health scheme, their care homes. It is to been that how UK will come out of it? Strategically, Taiwan has got the importance. Most of the countries being against china are trying to make a bridge with Taiwan even while annoying China. South America is the latest hit and the pandemic center of the virus. Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina are facing a high incline in the numbers of virus cases.

It would not be wrong to say that the future of the world will be in Geo economics not in geopolitics. Countries are asking for funds from IMF,there is disruption of supply chain . Leaderships are looking forward to reopen their economies.

Ofcouse, the uncertainties will get clear in future but definitely this virus is changing the world.


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