Deep listening

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What I enjoy most is being asked the right questions!

For me it is the most joyful experience to be asked questions like:

how I experience certain things and situations
what happened to me
who am I
what do I value most
how loved ones can support me
and what I need most
from this very conversation;

and when I try to answer those questions
having a deeply listening caring person beside me
taking my answer in
and holding space for my answers
that means expansion and joy.

I can feel the other person is building inner capacity for me,
by deeply listening to my answer
and then trying to understand what I wanted to express,
by giving it time to sit and resonate for a while,
while avoiding to express comments, opinions, own experiences, solutions, judgements or changing my focus in any other imaginable way.

This kind of being listened to is the most supportive way of acknowledging who I am and what I need.
It is a form of communicating with me,
which helps me grow and learn, develop and feel it.
It is indeed very beautiful when it happens among humans.

I call this “Integrated Communication”.
Integrating meaning
allowing it to resonate,
feel it,
let it flow,
accept it,
care about it,
summarize it
and in essence
let it be
and help to bring it to life 🙂
The I that becomes WE


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