Hi all am new to Matlab and want guide

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Hi all am new to Matlab and want guide

Hi all I want to create Neural network optimized by GA

but I totaly donot know anything about matlab

so I will tell all the steps and tell me what to read to make full understanding, I will use it in financial analysis so

I will have 12 variables want use GA to get the Best of them so I can make the new model

which will test it with NN optimized by GA and Although by BAckpropagtion

so my Questions

1- how use GA to optimize my variables selection? What to read?and how to input the values?

2- how to Train NN to be used using GA?? what to read and how to input the values?


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If you have a choice, do not use GA to train NNs if you are not familiar with NNs.

There are no good examples for reference. A search of the NEWSGROUP and ANSWERS using

neural GA


neural genetic

If you do not take my advice and have trouble with your code, post it and someone may be able to help.

There is a matlab manual

However, all of the matlab documentation with examples is online at mathworks.com

Most of the matlab documentation with examples is available from the command line. Just type the command




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