Machine Learning It Is

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I have of late been feeling bored with what i do. For some reason i feel i have not been learning enough, or learning at all. Not to say what i do is boring, because theres nothing id rather do than be a software engineer and even better a backend one at that. However a time reaches and the curve flattens and we have to spruce up this relationship again.

So i have been looking for something new to challenge myself with. I toyed around with a few ideas including learning an x86 assembly language or playing around with the raspberry pi, something that would not only make me sound cool but also something that would help cure my boredom.

Machine Learning With Tensorflow

As with the heading of this article i settled on Machine Learning (Deep Learning) using Tensorflow. How i settled on Tensorflow as the machine learning library to use is inconsequential at this point (I honestly i just picked the one that had the coolest name).

I am putting this in an article because of two main reasons. The first is i intend to keep myself accountable and see this to the end. I will be sharing every single thing i learn through weekly articles. The second reason i borrow from physicist Richard Feynman, Teach it to a child. If you can teach a concept to a child, you’re way ahead of the game’ , yes i know the chances of a child reading my articles is slim but i will still try.

I welcome any input, criticism or just general feedback on any of the articles i share. I will be primarily using this free machine learning course by google and this udemy course. I will share any other helpful materials i stumble on along the way. See you guys on the other side!


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