Hand and Human Pose Estimation

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Hand and Human Pose Estimation

Hello, I am Ahmet furkan DEMIR, I am about to share my first article on Medium platform, this article will be on 2D Pose Estimation. I learned about this subject within the scope of my internship at MOVE ON and I did studies, I thought to write it down for my readers, I hope you like it, I wish you a good reading.

Pose estimation, In computer vision and robotics, a typical task is to identify specific objects in an image and to determine each object’s position and orientation relative to some coordinate system. This information can then be used, for example, to allow a robot to manipulate an object or to avoid moving into the object. The combination of position and orientation is referred to as the pose of an object, even though this concept is sometimes used only to describe the orientation. Exterior orientation and translation are also used as synonyms of pose.

The image data from which the pose of an object is determined can be either a single image, a stereo image pair, or an image sequence where, typically, the camera is moving with a known velocity. The objects which are considered can be rather general, including a living being or body parts, e.g., a head or hands. The methods which are used for determining the pose of an object, however, are usually specific for a class of objects and cannot generally be expected to work well for other types of objects.

The pose can be described by means of a rotation and translation transformation which brings the object from a reference pose to the observed pose. This rotation transformation can be represented in different ways, e.g., as a rotation matrix or a quaternion.

If you want to learn more about pose estimation, you can read the articles at these links.

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