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Build Your Own Modular Audio Course on AI Ethics and Safety

A hand-picked “listening list” on the questions and stakes at the forefront of artificial intelligence research

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Recent advances in AI and machine learning have helped create new tools and products and pushed scientific knowledge forward. They also bring along risks and complexities that we don’t yet fully understand—and these range from the hyperlocal (for example, companies perpetuating bias in their AI-powered hiring processes) to the existential (a general artificial intelligence wiping out life as we know it 😱).

It can be hard to keep up with the state of the field, let alone understand the deep implications of new research. But we’re here to help: the second season of the TDS Podcast, hosted by Jeremie Harris, focuses on these emerging questions around AI, safety, and ethics. While we encourage you to explore the entire season (now with more than two-dozen episodes, and counting!), below we’ve assembled an abridged curriculum of eight episodes that cover some of the most essential elements in this conversation.

You can approach this selection in order, or mix-and-match as you see fit. Whether you listen to it on the beach, while cooking dinner, or at your desk, we hope these discussions inspire you to keep learning and thinking about this timely, urgent topic.


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