Artificial Intelligence and Terminologies

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Artificial Intelligence and Terminologies


Before starting the journey of Machine Learning Engineer or a Data Scientist, one needs to understand what actually these terms mean and how they are different from each other like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence and how they are related with each other.

Now, Let’s start with the term called Artificial Intelligence about which many believe that, it will destroy the world one day.


What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

In simple terms, it involves creating an intelligence which can:

  • Think like human.
  • Mimic human behavior.
  • Perform Human like Tasks.

With the word artificial, we mean Man made like artificial satellite(Aryabhata) or artificial fruits(made of plastics or foam for decoration purposes).

But one thing to observe is that, all the artificial things available today are actually the copy of the corresponding natural things like Moon and natural fruits.

In the same manner, Artificial Intelligence is just a human made intelligence as a copy of natural intelligence which is human itself.

Hence, if you take any machine like, Laptop or TV or Washing Machine and make it to mimic human behavior like making decisions then it would be called as an Artificial Intelligence.

Walking TV, Credits:-

Now, the question arises, how can we make machines to copy human behavior and the answer to that question is using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

But before that, first let’s try to understand, what are the tasks performed by Natural Intelligence(Humans) that AI is trying to copy.

Well there are different tasks, which require different abilities to get performed like:

Tasks which require Decision Making:

  • Driving a Car.
  • Playing Video Game

Tasks which require Vision Ability:

  • Face Recognition
  • Object Detection.

Tasks which require Language Processing Ability:

  • Spam Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Language translation

Although we as humans can perform all these tasks but there is no machine today which can perform all these tasks but there are many artificial intelligence which can perform these kind of tasks individually.


  • Driving a car:- Tesla
  • Playing Video Game:- Bots
  • Object Detection:- Google Lens

and many more..

All the above kind of things can be made using Machine learning and Deep Learning.

These two terms are nothing but just making the machine learn from data.

Like, how kids learn A for Apple by looking at the image of apple, in the same manner Machines learn from data.

Machines learning from data. Credits:-

Now we have the basic idea of ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning), now let’s be more specific by understanding their relations and differences.

Now, in the above diagram, we can clearly understand the difference and relationship between AI, ML and DL in simple terms.

But the doubt is, what is that ANN in the definition of DL in the above diagram?

Well that means Artificial Neural Network, again with the word artificial we can clearly understand that it is actually the copy of the natural neural networks present in our brain.

I won’t go much deeper in the explanation of ANN right now as that requires a separate article on itself.

Thanks for reading…

Happy Learning 🙂


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