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Build your own X — This is a GitHub repo offered by Daniel Stefanovic. This GitHub repo is moreover a tutorial. The repo has 112k stars.

This repo is open for contributions. The contributor from different places contributes here with their stuff. All the projects are segregated with the programming language.

If you are a python lover — you can move to the project section and select the implementation with the python heading.

Let’s say I want to build an object detection system. I can go to this repo and then scroll down to the object detection section.

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Here, I can select projects based on object detection. As soon as I click on the link — this will redirect me to an external site where the object detection process has been covered.

Let’s say you want to build a neural network from scratch. But, you don’t know python — no worries, this GitHub repo has a project covering the implementation of neural networks from scratch using C#, F#, Go, Java, and python.

The good thing is that all the available projects are the trusted sources. So you can find the best content compare to the other sites on the internet.

Better Learning Opportunity

When we search for any project on the internet, we usually struggle to find the resource that can provide in-depth details about the projects. In this case — this GitHub repo can be a better option as here all the submissions are being verified by data science experts.

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The chance of getting better quality stuff can be high. In future, if you will add a project to your portfolio then the in-depth project knowledge can help you in your interviews.

Opportunity for all tech enthusiast

Photo by Danial Igdery on Unsplash

If you are a tech enthusiast and have built some good stuff then — this can be a golden platform for you. This GitHub repo already has 112K starts — which means you can find a better audience to showcase your projects.


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