What Will AI Achieve in the Next 10 Years or After?


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What Will AI Achieve in the Next 10 Years or After?

Improving our ability to solve problems and helps in generating new ideas

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Artificial Intelligence after 10 years

Artificial Intelligence has achieved remarkable attention in the last 10 years in almost every field due to its versatility and advanced solutions. It draws a positive impact on every individual living in such a manner that no one can deny it. Can you find any industry where AI is not present nowadays? the answer is not. Some sectors start their AI journey and others are going to start soon. Both have to cover an endless journey.

Some hot areas of AI where it shows marvelous results are Transportation, manufacturing, health care, media, education, agriculture and customer services, etc.

Nowadays Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, apple spending billions of dollars on AI products and services as they are looking for AI in the future. Reputed universities /institutes start making AI their hot research domain and mentioning in their curriculum for making AI the first choice to the researchers in the future.

Many developed Countries also start introducing AI in their defense system and in the future AI will a very vital role in any army.

With the rapid advancement in AI nowadays, our society is changing continuously technically. AI will be able to do the following things :

AI and Robotics will change the life

AI will improve our ability to solve problems and helps in generating new ideas with the help of technology. AI with robotics will produce new products and services which will help in doing business operations.

On the other hand Drones are devices able to move objects very rapidly here and there also they can fly at a certain height. Packets delivery, emergency services, delivery of medical products like things will become very smooth with drones. Drones can be a part of our daily lives as smartphones and the internet.

Improve healthcare system

Intelligent machines with AI also having a great impact in the medical field. AI help doctor and medical researchers in various ways. For example, many doctors who are too much busy, can’t see their all patients timely and can’t keep up-to-date with the new studies and advancements because of a tight schedule. In these cases, AI can provide great help for all the things related to patient’s data analysis and diagnostics. Intelligent machines have faster and immediate access to a larger set of clinical data and the doctor and hence doctor can give more time to their patients and improve outcomes. Doctors are also consulting their patients with the help of the teleconferencing method with some intelligent devices.

Organizations like IBM and Microsoft are collaborating with medical institutions to solve the various problems present in the healthcare sector and the future AI in the health sector will also grow with the latest technology.

Science and Research

AI is making lots of progress in the scientific field. As of the branch of science like physics which involves a lot of working tons of data. AI and machine learning make this dealing very easy with minimal human effort, in the same manner, AI covering all the sectors of science.

As Sure, One of the primary applications of Artificial Intelligence nowadays is handling a large volume of data and process it very quickly. Eve is an AI-based robot that discovered an ingredient of toothpaste that can cure a disease like Malaria.

Drug discovery of the medical field is a fast-growing sector using AI and AI is also helping the researchers of this field. Biotechnology is another field of science where researchers are using AI to design microorganisms for industrial applications. Science is witnessing significant changes with the help of machine learning and deep learning.

AI in Security

As nowadays organizations start to transferring their data to IT networks and cloud, this is an alarming condition that threats are becoming more significant regarding this. To keep the data and resources secure, organizations are making a lot of investments in security with the help of AI experts. AI expert uses ML, DL and fight against threats and fraud. Several organizations like IBM provides these AI-based security concern.

AI can help people in avoiding scams and detecting frauds. Another example we can take from Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks are capable of detecting frauds.

AI in Data Analysis

This contemporary time relies on data. This field of data analysis is booming and in the future also it will be on top. A lot of data is creating daily by multi-media sources. Data scientists applying ML, DL on large data sets, do analysis, take benefit from it.

Data scientists used AI to identify patterns and insights from it without putting a lot of effort very fast. The day-by-day scope of AI in data analytics is rising rapidly and it is also the future of AI applications. For example analysis of customer data of a mall according to their daily need, AI machines decide on the previous history of customers that which item they need more and when what type of other products they can buy.

AI in Transport

The transport sector has become a favorite of AI for decades. Airplanes, Ships, and spacecraft also use autopilot mode to help them, With the help of AI technology, this task becomes more sophisticate.

Another future scope of AI is quite broad is in driverless cars. Many auto companies are developing autonomous vehicles, which will rely on AI, ML and, DL to operate optimally. AI-Experts believe self-driving cars will be more and more progressive and long-term benefits including lower emissions and enhanced road safety. Many companies like Tesla, Uber, Arity, Witricity, Unity Technologies. and many more are developing these types of vehicles.

AI in Home

AI has taken place in people’s homes in the form of smart home appliances or assistants. Amazon Echo and Google home are two popular smart devices that perform various tasks with just voice commands.

Other applications like you can order groceries, play music, or even switch the lights on or off in your living room/drawing room with just a few voices commands either you are at home or not.

Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana are the smart assistant which works greatly by learning, to recognize their users’ voices to interpret them better at any time. some other tasks such as playing a song, opening an app, opening an app asking a question, buying something online, etc.

To make them more intelligent more improvement is needed in the future. AI will do that.

Cognitive Science

One of the future applications of AI is that it can help in translation between languages using machines. Humans can perform this machine translation task very easily as they understand the content and express it. But right now machines are not very good at understanding the content of language but in the future, they will be.

The goal has always been to try to build what we call cognitive architecture, what we think like this is to be implemented by an intelligence system, AI in the future will be inspired by human psychology and will mimic like this. for example human brain is not set of neurons. There is a real structure in terms of different components, some of which are associated with knowledge about how to do things in the world, In the same manner, our Intelligent machines will do in the future hopefully. One of the projects involves using natural language instructions to instruct a robot in simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe and solving puzzles.

Impact of emerging AI technology on Jobs

The more quantitative and objective job is separating things into bins, picking fruits, washing dishes, and answering customer service calls like scripted tasks that are repetitive and routine will be displaced by AI. Another example is in the warehouses of online outlets picking and packing functions are still performed by humans will change in the future by the AI technology in coming years.

AI powerhouse amazon buzzing with more than 100,000 robots for this task means We are ready for future AI.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence may eliminate certain jobs, which will become automated and may create critical situations in terms of privacy, security, and military applications.

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Need of education and train

Today’s AI is limited in two significant ways (i) has no creativity and (ii) no capacity for compassion or love. It is a tool to amplify human creativity and their solution. People with repetitive jobs or routine tasks must learn new skills if they don’t want to be left away from this technology era as they may be replaced with Intelligent machines as robots in the future.

Can you believe Amazon offers its employees a lot of money to train for jobs at some other companies? Why is it so? must think about it seriously.

One of the primary prerequisites for AI to be successful is, people must need to aware and invest in technical education to retrain or educate themselves and other people for new jobs. There is a need to learn about new programming as soon as possible without wasting their time because AI technology is the future and if you do not know coding or programming, the future is going to be more difficult as AI will cover almost all the fields.

Everybody to an entrepreneur, there is a need to learn more and more about AI and apply that knowledge to their routine life and businesses in this challenging and contemporary world.


It is seen that Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technology of the contemporary era and its scope is expanding day by day in many sectors, including transport, healthcare and security, and home appliances and incoming 10 years or after 10 years AI will be the need of an hour.


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