Launching The Data Science Blogathon — 10th Edition!

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Launching The Data Science Blogathon — 10th Edition!

A Chance to Win INR 2 Lakh + iPad(8th Gen) + Assured Bonus Rewards for every published article!!

What if you could earn money for every article you publish in the blogathon? That’s the incredible opportunity in front of you!

With over 1000+ articles so far getting thousands of views, we have raised the stakes this time!

What are the Prizes on offer?

Every article that meets Analytics Vidhya’s standards will be published on the Analytics Vidhya blog and will receive INR 1,000 (≅ USD 15) as a base reward.

There are a few special categories where the reward ramps up! If you article falls under any of the below categories, you will be eligible for the base price of INR 1500 (≅ USD 22):

  1. Data Engineering
  2. MLOPs
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. Deep Learning

* Base reward is applicable to articles with views >=500

*Note that the article will have to be technical and code-based in nature to be eligible for the above special categories. Listicles or career articles will not count.

This is in addition to the winners prizes and the bonus amount that you would receive depending on the views!

The top 3 winners will be judged based on the number of unique pageviews on their articles.

1st Prize: INR 10,000

2nd Prize: INR 5,000

3rd Prize: INR 3,000

And that’s not all! More Prizes!

We always appreciate the extra effort our community members put in, so if your article generates:

  • More than 15000 views, you get INR 2,000 as a bonus,
  • More than 5000 views, you get INR 1,000 as a bonus

regardless of where you finish in the above category!

A Special Award Category — Win the new iPad!

You read that right — you even stand an opportunity to win the new iPad! Every author in the blogathon will be eligible to win the new iPad through a lucky draw where a single winner will be chosen!

This is an unmissable opportunity to get your hands on the latest Apple iPad that has the world swooning. Imagine the writing and reading you’ll be able to accomplish on this blazing fast tablet.

You can register here and get started today!

The leaderboard will reflect one article per author. If you want to submit 2 or more articles, those will count as separate entries.

The submissions will close on 15th August 2021, 23:59 IST (GMT +5:30 hrs). We will provide Two extra weeks to work on any feedback we give, provided the article has been submitted before the deadline.

Even though you need to submit your article by 11.59 pm on August 15th the views for your article will count until August 31st, 11.59 pm. So keep sharing your article after it’s been published to increase your chances of winning!

Terms & Conditions

  • The content of your article(s) should be unique and not be published anywhere else. Each article will be strictly checked for plagiarism.
  • The article should be of minimum 1000 words.
  • You are free to make as many submissions as you want. But, don’t make multiple submissions of the same article.
  • The submissions will close on 15th August 2021, 23:59 IST (GMT +5:30 hrs)
  • We will provide an extra week to work on any feedback we give, provided the article has been submitted before the deadline.
  • You are not allowed to re-publish any of your articles elsewhere until and unless discussed with Analytics Vidhya.
  • We monitor the traffic on each article regularly. Analytics Vidhya holds the right to remove any and all suspicious traffic.
  • Analytics Vidhya owns the right to disqualify/reject any submission without any explanation.
  • The decision for all the awards, as declared by Analytics Vidhya, would be final.


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