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The Blockchain enabled Digital Document Management Platform

If you’ve started looking, you’ve caught sight of hundreds, if not thousands, of document management solutions for Example Document 360 , Luitbiz, Doc Pro, idoc, and many more on the market today. But for this guide, I’ve mainly focused on more booming solutions. The only solution I would strongly suggest to a business is DocuMega which is one of the finest document management solutions on the market.

The DocuMega Digital Document Management Platform (of MegaHoot LLC) allows its users to save time and money by managing their digital documents securely, quickly, whenever and wherever they are.

From creating templates for quick access to uploading, filling out and digitally executing important agreements quickly, DocuMega lets you do that and much more.

I feel it is a very secure and simple solution for global business.

They help individuals, small business owners, and enterprise-level companies organise data and files. Their solution helps you remain organised no matter how many documents and files you have. DocuMega provides certificates and time stamps to prevent fraud. I think I should explain this feature in depth. All the Documents that are uploaded are immediately issued a digital certificate so that DocuMega members can verify if a document has been altered or not.

All documents uploaded immediately are time stamped from the time they are uploaded to the time they are shared or signature is requested to the time the document is executed by the receiving party. The traceability of DocuMega documents makes the platform a favorite of legal, accounting and financial professionals.

DocuMega is a remarkably unique document management system with an advanced integrated business process management system. It is a Document Management System that helps in storing, tracking, retrieving, and managing documents.

DocuMega is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. The system takes care of the complete safety and confidentiality of the documents and is designed to simplify the otherwise complicated operations.

Pros But No Cons Yet !

  • Close deals faster
  • Track your Documents
  • Digitally execute Documents
  • Fill in forms, agreement and templates on the fly
  • Share documents within seconds
  • Real estate Professionals benefits from the use of DocuMega
  • Legal professionals in any area of law
  • Financial and Accounting Professionals benefit
  • I don’t have any complaints with it so far and can’t think of anything I would like to change.Till now I don’t find any cons for this Documega.

DocuMega makes it simple, cost effective and secure for Members to manage their Documents 24/7. I really love using this platform for my Document management. I heartily recommend this Fabulous platform to my wonderful readers.

Just Go For It .


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