20+ Must-Subscribe Data and AI Newsletters in 2021


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Data Science

bitgrit Data Science Monthly

A comprehensive monthly newsletter by bitgrit.net with their latest AI competitions, technical articles and tutorial, AI news, must-read articles, and learning resources (tutorials, courses, tools, and book recommendations).

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Data Elixir

Curated weekly by Lon Reisberg, data elixir is one of the most popular data science newsletters that bring you insight, tutorials, projects & opinions, and resources.

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Data Science weekly

A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, and jobs related to Data Science.

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Data Phoenix

A collection of the best and latest articles, papers, courses, interviews, podcasts, videos, datasets, events, books, and jobs on ML, DL, Computer Vision, NLP, Data Science, Robotics, and other aspects of AI.

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KDnuggets News

KDnuggets, a leading site on Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and more, compiles their featured stories, tutorials and overviews, opinions, top stories, and open jobs every week.

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O’Reilly Data Newsletter

A perfect blend of the most up to date information and sources on what’s hot in the data world

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Analytics Dispatch

A weekly email about data, data science, and analytics, curated by the team at Mode.

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