Review — Non-local Neural Networks (Video Classification/Object Detection/Segmentation/Pose…

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Review — Non-local Neural Networks (Video Classification)

Space, Time, & Spacetime Long-Range Interactions Captured by Non-local Neural Networks

A spacetime non-local operation in our network trained for video classification in Kinetics. In this example computed by the proposed model, note how it relates the ball in the first frame to the ball in the last 2 frames.

In this story, Non-local Neural Networks, (NL), by Carnegie Mellon University, and Facebook AI Research, is reviewed. In this paper:

  • The non-local operation computes the response at a position as a weighted sum of the features at all positions.
  • It is used for Video Classification, Object Detection, Instance Segmentation, and Human Pose Estimation (Keypoint Detection) tasks.

This is a paper in 2018 CVPR with over 3100 citations. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)


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