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AI technology is getting more advanced every day and artificial intelligence is constantly getting smarter, so I decided to see exactly what the AI imagines. I asked the AI to give me a photo of what I type as a prompt. The output picture is basically what the AI imagines. Without wasting your time, let me show you some of the most interesting results I got!

  1. Let’s start with the not very deep things. I typed “Agnosticism” as a prompt, the result is rather interesting.

It’s hard to recognize anything here, but some things suggest for a face and a brain. Then there are some random lines that look rather mystical.

2. Let’s dive into a bit of a paradox, I typed “Imagination” as a prompt, so I ask for a photo of the imagination of the AI imagining its imagination. Weird, I know.

I can recognize quite a few things here. First, we have a town in the distance and what seems to be parts of a robot in the center of the image. Then there is a small white face an abstract cubism painting. I think we can conclude the AI has a wild imagination.

3. This is a marvelous one! The prompt was “Consciousness” and the result looks like an art piece!

The main object is half of a face that appears to be submerged into a void or deep inside something magical. The top part of the head has something like a nebula, clearly representing the brain. This is probably a picture beyond our understanding for now.

4. Going wild here, I wanted to see a normal “dream”, but this looks more like a fever dream.

The most obvious things here are the pink clouds everywhere, but ignoring them, this looks like a family watching TV in the living room on a couch. I have a different view for dreams and it seems pretty odd that the AI characterizes a dream with this, but well, at least the clouds look amazing!

5. I was expecting something completely different for “faith” as a prompt.

You’ll have to use your imagination here, but the object in the bottom right-ish corner looks like a warrior looking at the sky. And the sky has a god-like thing or a symbol right in the middle, surrounded by a dark cloudy sky. I for sure don’t see a direct connection with faith.

6. Going even weirder, we continue with “feelings”.

Okay, I don’t know from where to start. There is a nice gradient-like background and an object in the middle. I think it has a grumpy face, but that might’ve not been the intention of the AI at all. This is by far the weirdest output.

7. I’ll end this post with “The Meaning Of Life”, something I had no idea what to expect.

The AI got it connected to the prompt to some extend. The first thing I noticed was that it tried to write “life” (the black stripes with the green-ish shade). The meaning of life is indeed “life”, so I give it this. Then we have a clear bright sky, very optimistic, that’s good. There is a shape floating in the sky that looks like a brain, perhaps it tries to tell us there is a connection between the meaning of life and our intelligence? The landscape is either a desert or a beach (because there is a sea-coast-like thing on the right side), I’ll go with beach. Beach is mostly connected with relaxation, vacation, and low-pace/low-stress. I fully agree a stress-free life is very important. I can see 2 people on the beach, I have no idea what they mean. Now allow me to go crazy, there is a plate of something (Spaghetti? Chickpea?) right on the border between the sand and the sky. Eating is important, but that important, I don’t think so.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and got intrigued by the AI! Any support is greatly appreciated, have a wonderful day!




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