OpenAI Launches GitHub Copilot: AI Focused On Code Generation. Should We Be Worried Now?

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Should You Be Worried as a Data Scientist?

Considering its merits and flaws, it is worth asking if GitHub Copilot affects developer jobs in the future.

When GPT-3 was released, the answer to this question was a tentative, faint yes. However, now that Copilot is out and will be a commercially available product that integrates into one of the heavily used IDEs globally, we should reconsider our answer.

The creators claim the tool will only serve to boost productivity and free developers from doing manual tasks and help them focus on more interesting work. It might also be possible it lowers the barriers for beginners to enter the software industry.

Personally, I strongly believe that AI, no matter how advanced, won’t replace humans any time soon. I completely disagree that one day, AI will excel across all programming disciplines and will be able to solve any unique, intricate problem all by itself.

This is especially true for the data science sphere. Regardless of how good GitHub Copilot is, I don’t think it will even beat the simplest Auto-ML libraries.

Data science isn’t just about writing good code — it is a collection of domain knowledge, understanding the data, and beautiful math.

However, I won’t deny that an AI-based tool like this, a technology backed by a multi-billion company, will play a vital role in the daily workflow of millions of programmers in the future.


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