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Auto Import Python Libraries

Using Pyforest to import important python libraries

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Do you also get stuck in importing libraries while coding in python? It happens with most of us that while coding we forget to import libraries that we will use and we got stuck in importing different libraries which is frustrating, also I must say being a lazy programmer I want a way to solve this importing problem once and for all.

PyForest is an open-source python library that is really helpful for a lazy programmer like me because it imports all the major libraries that are required for python programming including machine learning and deep learning.

In this article, we will explore PyForest and see how we can use it.

Let’s get started…

Installing required libraries

We will start by installing PyForest using pip. The command given below will do that.

!pip install pyforest

Importing required libraries

In this step, we will import only PyForest which is the only required library.

from pyforest import *

Exploring PyForest

Now the magic begins, let’s see how many python libraries we have imported in just a single line of code.

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You see how easily we imported all the major python libraries including libraries for deep learning, machine learning, image processing, etc. These libraries are really helpful if you are a lazy programmer like me.

In this article, we saw how PyForest is useful for importing important libraries. Go ahead try importing the library in a single line and let me know your comments in the response section.

This article is in collaboration with Piyush Ingale.

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