What types of models will be on our marketplace?

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The Types of Models Being Sold

Given the novelty of AI model marketplaces, it’s a bit difficult to liken it to our traditional marketplaces (like Amazon). Most AI models (technically, solutions) can be probably divided into three categories:

  1. Deep-Dive, Enterprise: Companies with their own AI shops will develop hard-hitting models with a highly specific usecase after months and dollars of spend.
  2. Other: For lack of a better term, models that do not fit into either of the other two categories. The models we are largely looking for in Volant AI.
  3. Canonical, Well-explored: Models that solve an existing problem or address a well-explored problem. Easy to find tutorials that build such models.

We’re not going to be able to avoid building AI models around certain problems (a.k.a. vertical-izing). Some may be explored or solved while others may not be performing nearly as well. As a buyer, you should be looking for models that may be relevant to your usecase but have some measure of “secret sauce” that some hacked-together or tutorial-built version would not have.

What should I build (as a seller)?

It’s tough to answer this vaguely, but maybe a more concrete example can help.

For example, as a seller, you may be trying to sell a Spanish-to-English translation model (which for our purposes, will be well-explored/solved) on our marketplace but may not be having much success doing so. You can potentially do two things to increase your chances of success: 1) add more functionality to the model or/and 2) Change the level of abstraction that your model addresses. You can have your model be able to translate all romance languages to english (more functionality) or instead focus on translating specific idioms to english (different level of abstraction).


To be frank, it’s difficult to say — with certainty — the general scope of (successful) models on our AI model marketplace. As more models are published by our sellers, we’ll likely see certain trends that may agree with our views or dispel them entirely. Regardless, we’re excited to see how the future unfolds and share it with you!


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