Tsinghua AI Association of International Students (TAIS) news roundup 10 June

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Tsinghua AI Association of International Students (TAIS) news roundup 10 June

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ByteDance finally makes its ‘secret sauce’ techs available for the public. [PingWest]

How Meituan outcompeted Trip.com to become China’s largest hotel booking platform. [KrASIA]

Biden Revokes TikTok, WeChat Bans and Orders Security Review. [Caixin]

TikTok rival Kuaishou shows progress overseas after years of struggles. [KrASIA]

Tencent’s unit asks employees not to work overtime in a rare departure from industry practice. [CnTechPost]

HarmonyOS 2 gained over 10 million users within a week of availability. [CnTechPost]

ByteDance is reportedly set to launch a cloud computing service. [CnTechPost]

BYD’s advice to Xiaomi on building cars: Don’t waste money, more importantly, time. [CnTechPost]

Baidu sets up a new company for its car-making business, with registered capital of about $313 million. [CnTechPost]

Alibaba Cloud offers to build livestream shopping platforms for global clients. [Technode]

Alibaba says it’s working on self-driving trucks. [CnEVPost]

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