Predicting clouds using the solar panel grid

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Predicting clouds using the solar panel grid

Weather predictors can real-time know where clouds are and how dense these clouds are. They can use this information to predict the weather more accurately. You just need some solar panels strategically across a country with their GPS location.

Below you can see my home solar panel revenue. In image 1 you can see it is a sunny day. The peak at around 10:00 is the sun directly hitting the solar panels:

Image 1: A sunny day with almost no clouds.

At another day in you can see it is a cloudy day:

Image 2: A cloudy day

The invertor at home feeds the data in real-time to the invertor manufactor central computers:

Image 3: Inverter from solar to ‘regular’ electricity


  • Weather predictors can ask solar power companies to provide real-time. data.
  • Solar power companies can provide real-time information.

This all with pre concent of the home users and in accordance to local privacy regulations off course 😉


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