Just Moving through time.

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Just Moving through time.

I’m sitting here tired of all the run around I get from offices. I am being treated like my life does not mean anything and that I should just kill myself.

I know it’s just being dramatic, but I have to say that everything feels systematic and driven towards failure, no matter how many times I reinforce positive manners.

Oh what’s the use, you can’t train the Universe to care, it’s just there.

Here I am, three months in to what feels like a ghost town and dried paperwork from the funeral packet my family would’ve purchased for me.

What is there to do? Whatever I want, what should I do? Worry about money, it’s the biggest inhibitor to accomplishing what your goals are, next to biology at the controlled end of the spectrum.

What else should I do? I always feel that I never have what I need when I need it. That whenever I finally have the cash I need at the time I need it, it’s already long overdue, there’s even more issues. Like yea a phone would’ve been nice two months ago, now I just have to pay $1000, for a charged off account, $400 for a new phone, all so I can have those two or three accounts that have those passwords stored in them. Then there’s the cost of having a gap in employment, like yea it’d been nice to have done that sooner.

I suppose it all falls on everyone else’s back because I’m not convinced there’s a barter system, I really think we all have to pay for each other’s screw ups. That’s not philosophical, I mean I think it happens that way.


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