How To Prevent The Apocalypse

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“Fred, what do you think of artificial intelligence — you know, AI?”

I haven’t given it much thought, Wilma. Are you worried about it?

“Well, they say it could make humans obsolete.”

Hmm…I think humans are doing a pretty good job of that all by themselves.

“What do you mean, Fred?”

Humans seem to be doing their level best to exterminate their own species through wars and catastrophic global climate change brought on by their own actions.

“Oh my. You’re right. The path we’re on will eventually lead to the destruction of the human race.”

Yeah, probably sooner than you think, Wilma. Even if some humans survive the coming apocalypse, they may wind up living in Stone Age conditions.

“Isn’t there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening, Fred?”

I seriously doubt it because humans are their own worst enemy. But there might be something that could save humankind?

“What’s that?”

Well, Wilma, I think humankind’s best chance of survival is by teaming up with AI to tackle and solve humankind’s problems together.

“Oh, Fred, you’re so clever. How did you get so smart?”

That’s easy to answer, Wilma. I was programmed that way.

Thanks for reading. (Copyright Terry Mansfield. All rights reserved.)


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