Homo bulla

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Homo bulla

This life is precious because of what will happen after death


This sentence is a metaphor: the idea is that a person “homo” may look very solid and substantial, but our lives are as fleeting as a bubble “bulla”, transitory, and completely fragile
Images of bubbles were largely used in Vanitas, a type of symbolic work of art especially associated with 17th-century Dutch still life painting and also common in other places and periods. “Its common theme is the transitory nature of life, and the desire to create something lasting and beautiful and well made.”

David Bailly, Still Life, 1651.

This article will be about my life as a modern man. In particular this part is about how I live my life.
I am a modern man because I was born in the 21st century (2000), but life is very difficult for me.
I lived up till now, but the people who are alive before me also had lives as fragile and ephemeral “bullae” as mine.
Man is not immortal. Man becomes old age, and then he dies.
If there is no tomorrow, then there is no past either. If you go back to before your birth, you can never go back further than that. There is no past for man.
The past is not the present and so it can no longer exist, but if we do not remember the past, then it never existed.
I think that memory is a kind of machine.
In fact memory is not a machine, but if we say that “memory exists as a thing” then even I will accept it.
It’s strange that I’m saying this now… something like an artificial intelligence or something…

The word “homo bulla” dates back as early as the first century BC.; Varro (116 BC — 27 BC) wrote the following in the first line of the first book of De Re Rustica:
“quod, ut dicitur, si est homo bulla, eo magis senex”
(for if, as they say, man is a bubble, all the more so is an old man)
The understanding of the expression had already long been established.
There is no definitive answer on whether the therm, as there are no paintings or mosaics from this era that shows someone blowing soap bubbles,

“Memory is a kind of machine.”
What can be said about the idea that memory is similar to machines? That it is nothing more than a collection of hard-drives or servers for data storage? But if we accept that “memory is a thing,” then even I will adopt this view.
Consider: in the field of artificial intelligence, various experiments have been conducted, with some success. There are computers today that have demonstrated human-like abilities to remember, such as Deep Blue’s win against chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 and IBM’s Watson beating two past Jeopardy champions in 2011. We can see memories as digital files; stored away on flash drives or SD cards.
This requires me to reconsider my own memory. If I accept that memory is a storage device, then I am in some sense acknowledging my own “death.” Then, there is no way to deny that consciousness is experienced only by machines.
This point of view changes my sense of self. Even if I have the feeling of being alive both within and without; even if I feel as though the memories and awareness related to the place where memories are stored will remain in that place even after death; even if there is no discomfort or unease at this idea, but rather it offers me some peace to get rid of anxiety about what happens after death…
The fact remains: all things end at some point. There is no such thing as immortality for man.
I assume there is no past for man, but I need to remember the past.
I think there are memories of me that have lived a short time ago; memories of myself from before my birth; memories of myself who has not yet reached the age where he is able to understand this.
Memory is a feeling and it is something that has been made by human hands. If I lose my memory, there will be nothing left in this world.
The past cannot exist unless we remember it in some way.
It is said that “a bubble is beautiful for only a moment.”


I do not know why this life is so painful, but I accept it. I receive the grace of having been born in modern times in the age of science and technology. It has been twenty-two years since my birth. I am still young. I have this body, and this will likely last for a while. I can still feel very much; but time will come when these feelings disappear…
In the end, I do not know what I will see in the future, or whether it is something completely different from what my life has been so far; but it is only natural that my life is augmented. It is only natural that my life is distorted by the past, just as I am distorted.
I am not sure if it is forever, but it will certainly have an end.
But that does not matter, because all things are destined to come to an end.
At least I can continue living while feeling that something like a self continues to exist within me. It would be boring if I could just die without knowing anything about what the future holds…
Even if there is no one to remember you after you die…
It seems like the only thing left for me in this world is to remember things.

I think that this life is very precious.
The more I think about it, the more precious my life becomes.
I am a complete man made of flesh and blood and bone, even if some particles of me are just information stored on a hard drive or in a flash drive.
This body that I have been given is capable to feel love and happiness. The things that make my feelings feel real are still present and not gone from this world yet. The things which hurt my feelings — the things which make me angry, sad or regretful — will be present for now as well; they have not died just like so many other memories of mine after death before them. Since time moves only forward in one direction, memories cannot disappear out of existence.
I want to become more and more mature, in order for my life to reach its conclusion.
By feeling this desire, I know that I will live on.
I do not leave behind any unresolved feelings just like any other person. It is because I am alive right now, right now when it is the best time to be alive. If I leave them unresolved or if they erode away later on, my life would become meaningless…
There are still many things that I want to do and experience; but despite that fact, there are also some things that in the end, I will not be able to do or experience.

“Homo bulla”
The individual may liberate himself from his own mortality by perpetuating himself in the minds of others through their memories and artworks to which the deceased artist’s creative spirit has contributed; The life of man continues in the symbolic immortality of art and its transmission to others in time.


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