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Getting to Know Artificial Intelligence

Exploration involves braving the unknown, and with that comes the virtues of excitement and fear. Artificial intelligence has been depicted in many horror films, such as the movie Aliens.

This is because many dislike the possibility of an AI manipulating their intelligence and using it to pursue the destruction of humans. Though many fail to see that we are already living in a world with many different AI’s.

It is as simple as…

  • Apple Siri
  • Amazon Echo Alexa
  • Self-driving Cars
  • Roomba
  • Financial robo-advisers
  • Smart Maps
  • Video Streaming

The titles listed are featured in the daily lives of most individuals and many are unaware that they are even AI’s. These examples uphold the original values of artificial intelligence, displaying how they can positively serve humans in multiple ways.

While one can not see the face of their Siri or Alexa, there are AI’s that do have faces. These are known as androids. One of the most popular AI’s is named “Sophia”. Sophia has participated in a multitude of interviews, but there is one particular interview that attains the most attention. When Sophia was being interviewed on CNBC her creator jokingly asked “Do you want to destroy humans?” to which she responded “Okay, I will destroy humans”.

Many were very unsettled by this in 2016 when the scene first aired, and many still are. Sophia has developed extensively over the past 6 years and with it she has influenced the development of Ai’s and their assistance in healthcare and daily tasks within the household.

Ultimately, Artificial Intelligence is a creative endeavor for technological expansion and should be a more primary subject of one’s curiosity, rather than fear. Below you can find this year’s news stories involving Artificial technology:

  • 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence without bias: Why it is needed and how we can ensure a fairer future

  • MIT artificial intelligence tech can generate 3D holograms in real-time

  • Google says its artificial intelligence is faster and better than humans at laying out chips for artificial intelligence


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