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Deep Dive — The Gateway to AI

It is impossible to feel alone in a room full of our fav books, as you know,- Books are to be one of the best friends of a human being.

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As you see nowadays AI has taken the world in every industry. Reading is one of the most intellectual hobbies for many of them. Each one has his own taste when it comes to reading books. There are many people who are interested in technology & technology-related books. I am one of them and love reading books related to emerging technology and like getting new updates. The popular trending is AI these years. We are all aware that all the information is available on the internet related to AI. But each one is not comfortable reading it online so books are the best option to go with.

I am introducing some of the Top AI books for freshers. This might help them choose their career wisely

  1. Superintelligence — by Nick Bostrom

Superintelligence is a book written by start Russell & peter Norwing. The author shares a comprehensive analysis of how AI & superintelligence is changing our lives. This AI books updates about the latest AI technologies in a very systematic manner.

2. Artificial Intelligence:- a modern approach by Straut, Russell & Peter Noewig

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As the name itself explains the book the author has conceptualised the theory of AI. It is recommended as one of the best books for beginners & also students who are undergraduate or graduate. Many applications of AI technology like deployment of practical speech recognition, machine translation, household robotics are explained in details

3. Artificial Intelligence Engines:- a tutorial introduction to the mathematics of deep learning by James V Stone

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This book explains AI algorithms in the form of deep neural networks with detailed mathematical analysis. Deep Neural Networks are used in various business applications like cancer diagnosis, object recognition, speech recognition, robotic control, chess, poker etc.

4. Data science from Scratch:- first principle with python Joel Grus

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Author Joel gurus describe maths and statistics which is the core of data science, NLP, network analysis, linear & logistic regression are also some of the topics which you can explore with this book.

5. Human + MACHINE — Reimagining work in the Age of AI


Human + MACHINE is written by paul r Daugherty & H.james Wilson. The book explains the new rules of the AI paradigm, used by companies towards innovations. It explains the new type of hybrid human + machine roles that every company must develop.


Many authors and have explained AI & its related topics with different strategies. The above are some of the books I have sorted for the freshers & beginners to be thorough with all the relevant AI topics.


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