Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is the word which we heard most nowadays. Most of us think that this is a Robot. Yes its a robot, but its more than a robot. So we are going to discuss a brief idea on Artificial Intelligence.

In short we can say that AI is an artificially made human. Who have almost all capabilities of a human, that means they can do any work that human would do. We are going to discuss some of the fields that are linked with AI.

Different Fields in AI:

Speech Recognition:

We humans are capable of speaking and understanding different languages. So speech recognition is the field in which developing this communication skills in AI.

Natural Language Processing:

We all have the skills like reading and writing. So these skills in AI are developed by natural language processing field.


Robotics is also a field in AI. We humans are capable of walking, running, jumping, and also we can stretch our body in different directions as we are flexible. So developing these skills in AI is done by Robotics section.

Computer Vision:

We all are capable of identifying things that we commonly see. (Eg: If we are provided with a picture of jungle and asked to identify things, we can easily identify birds, tress, animals etc..) like that we can develop that skill in AI also to identify things. So the field in which developing these skills to AI are Computer vision field.

Pattern Recognition:

Another skill that we have is that we can easily identify patterns that we heard atleast once.(Eg: if we are provided with two dogs, one is a german shepherd and the other one is pug, we can easily find which category dog is that) So there is pattern recognition field to develop such skills in AI.

Machine Learning:

We know humans are very complex, then you can think how complex will be our brain. Our brain consists of many neurons, each neuron is interconnected with each other, from which they share informations. Like that AI also has an Artificially made brain. That means the neural network in our brain is constructed artificially. They may not have any informations stored in their digital brain at the beginning, but they will also learn all that in the way in which we humans learned all. For example, as we don’t know about anything when we came into this world as a baby, but we learned many things from our parents or by others or by ourselves through any situations. So like that digital brain will also study each things. So for that we need to help them. But making this possible is not an easy thing, for that we need to be expert in coding. Some of the ways are:

  1. Supervised learning: Supervision learning is that to teach them , as we got taught by our teachers when we were a student. That means they also make mistakes, at that time we need to teach them and clear their mistakes.
  2. Unsupervised Learning: These are the things that not taught by anyone, for example we are not taught by anyone that if we touch a hot pan we will get burned, that means through some situations we study many things. That type of learning is unsupervised learning.

As we are learning this very deeply we can call it as a deep learning. This is also a part of machine learning. We will discuss more about machine learning in our next blog.


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