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Apple’s AI on-Device Speech Recognition Rests on Your Hands Not on the Cloud

Siri will process requests without an internet connection, says Apple.

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When I received the unexpected writing bonus, I bought myself a Google Nest Mini speaker, and I am enjoying it. Well, it is an ongoing love affair with Hey, Google, who I secretly call Ethan.

Audio never leaves the device, says Apple.

Audio on-device will run on default on IOS 15. So I guess it is time to upgrade to a new iPhone and say goodbye to my old but very functioning iPhone 6.

“Privacy has been central to our work at Apple from the very beginning,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

Siri will now be able to “help” or “talk” to you without an active Internet connection. This is possible because Apple’s new “neural engine” inside the A11 Bionic chip powers the latest iPhone models starting with the iPhone X series.

Of course, for now, you can’t ask Siri for something you need to look at on the web. We don’t know how the future will be like, as Apple continues to innovate with the way it incorporates Artificial Intelligence in its product line.

Apple is big on Privacy.

These features represent the latest innovations in Apple’s legacy of privacy leadership, as the company has continually expanded its commitment to privacy and encouraged change across the industry with features like App Tracking Transparency and Privacy Nutrition Labels on the App Store. — Excerpt: Apple Newsroom Update June 2021


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