7 Platforms-as-a-Service for AI/ML Developers


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7 Platforms-as-a-Service for AI/ML Developers

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Is it difficult for you to develop your infrastructure costs? It’s time for the cloud. In this article, I provide a list of platforms for AI/ML developers offered as a service. The platforms give a Web interface that may scale your computer as required. The platforms are available. AI/ML span the world with their effects. The technologies have been developed and maintained over time. The products that use these technologies are hungry for resources and need enough power to create and launch. A platform as a service makes life simpler for AI/ML developers through the platforms and tool packages below.

Amazon Sagemaker

The platform gives data scientists and AI developers a leap forward in building their models, using Community models and coding on the platform. You may create, train, and deploy machine learn models via Amazon Sagemaker with the help of a scalable cloud computing platform.

Azure ML Studio

Azure ML Studio is perhaps the most popular platform in the machine learning field today. It includes a large library of pre-constructed examples and initial start-up routines. The developers can get rid of these coding samples fast. It offers a developer an interface driven by a machine learning backend. With most libraries for machine learning, the background is installed beforehand.

IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio enables information scientists, developers and analysts to design, operate, manage and optimise IBM Cloud Pak for Data choices everywhere. Unite teams and automate AI life cycles and accelerate time in a multi-cloud architecture that is open. Combine open-source frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow and scientists with IBM and its coding and visual data science ecosystem tools. Work with Python, R and Scala languages using Jupyter notebooks, CLIs and JupyterLab.


DataRobot is a platform that aims at providing large-scale data to automate model tweaking, as the name indicates. It is a premium platform that is pre-configured for usage with over 100 open source libraries. It has a data modelling method for self-learning and analysis. It may consider your data, link to your intended forecasts and construct a predictive model for you. With no code at your end, this is made feasible.

Deep Cognition

Deep Cognition is an automation tool to practically without code for your deep learning process! It gives a graphical workflow builder that can feed your data, create the flow and train its predictability continually for your model. The platforms are pre-configured to perform the required tasks, and they contain the correct tools to quickly take your model from training to production.

C3 AI Suite

Probably the most comprehensive AI tool package accessible for a company is C3 AI Suite. This suite is composed of most of the required algorithms. This enables company developers to get in and quickly work on their apps.


The Dataiku platform provides business analysts, data scientists, data analysts and AI developers with the tool they need to collaborate. The platform offers a comprehensive platform for the tasks through a certain pipeline and for each user to carry out their unique activities.


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