NYPD using more than 15,000 surveillance cameras in growing facial recognition network

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NYPD using more than 15,000 surveillance cameras in growing facial recognition network

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“Machine learning tools can identify sickle cell disease (SCD) patients at high risk of progressive kidney disease as early as six months in advance, a study shows.

Chronic kidney disease is more prevalent in SCD patients, who experience a faster decline in kidney function compared with the general population. As rapid kidney function decline in patients is associated with increased mortality, identifying those at risk early may help with timely use of preventive interventions.” — Steve Bryson PhD, Writer Learn More from BioNews >

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“The New York City Police Department has built a sprawling facial recognition network that may include more than 15,000 surveillance cameras in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, according to a massive crowdsourced investigation by Amnesty International.

“There has been a glaring lack of information around the NYPD’s use of facial recognition software — making it impossible for New Yorkers to know if and when their face is being tracked across the city,” Mahmoudi wrote. “The NYPD’s issues with systemic racism and discrimination are well-documented — so, too, is the technology’s bias against women and people of colour. Using FRT with images from thousands of cameras across the city risks amplifying racist policing, harassment of protesters, and could even lead to wrongful arrests.” — Todd Feathers, Journalist Learn More from VICE >

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1/ King County has banned the use of facial recognition technology across all government agencies, including the local sheriff. This is the first full-county ban of the technology. Learn More from CNN >

2/ Amazon to require potential new programming hires to take classes in machine learning. Amazon believes that this approach will help bridge the AI talent gap in hiring. Learn More from Fortune >

3/ Spotify’s “Discovery Mode” has Congress’ attention as they fear it could lead to lower pay for artists and fewer choices for consumers. They have sent Spotify a request for more information regarding their technology. Learn More from The Hollywood Reporter >

4/ McDonald’s to further embrace machine learning as they hope to improve marketing and end to end interactions with customers. Learn More from ZDNet >

5/ China military researchers have begun using AI to track an increasing number of UFOs in China’s airspace. Learn More from South China Morning Post >

6/ Federal facial recognition ban proposal to resurface “soon”, according to Senator Jeff Merkley. The fear is that we cannot continue to trust and rely on private companies to make the correct decisions on technology that is not ready for widespread use. Learn More from Morning Brew >

7/ The Biden administration recently began using facial recognition technology in a new app to gather dater on asylum seekers before they even enter the U.S. Many are concerned that the government is using this app on a vulnerable group who have no choice but to consent. Learn More from The Week >

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