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Neural Network in the Tech Ecosystem

As mentioned before, AI technologies can be used in a myriad of ways. However, developing these use cases requires complex expertise. Still, there are already several startups that have built strong solutions based on neural networks.

Neural networks is a division of deep learning, which itself falls under the wider umbrella of artificial intelligence. As it’s a fairly niche area, it is difficult to find specific information about the fund that invested in it.

Out of the 160 companies, it estimates that they raised around $1,5Bn, with a very strong standard deviation as the top 5 of the Index have raised more than $1,1Bn which represents 73%.

Interesting to see that Europe and the USA are the most prolific in terms of number of companies, but the average funding in the USA is two times higher than in Europe.

What are the most funded European companies?

  • AImotive🇭🇺 is one of the largest independent teams in the world working on automated driving technologies. They develop self-driving software, proprietary simulation tools and neural network acceleration hardware IP, AImotive is building an ecosystem to aid the deployment of automated driving. The company has raised a total of $67M.
  • BeMyEye🇬🇧 is a European crowdsourced in-store data as a service (DAAS) provider. They track Perfect Store execution metrics, such as share of shelf, promotional compliance, peak trading out of stock and brand recommendation, by deploying more than 1.5 Million on-demand data gatherers using the BeMyEye App, and leveraging cutting-edge neural-network Image Recognition technologies to analyse the data. The company has raised a total of $17M.
  • Cynny🇮🇹 develops MorphCast, a premium adaptive video format that delivers face recognition in a smartphone without the need for an app or plugin, and is underpinned by deep neural network technology that enables real-time content-engagement triggers, whilst fully maintaining the viewer’s data privacy. The company has raised a total of $12M.

What are the most active funds in Neural Network in Europe?

  • EASME 🇪🇺is the European Union’s executive agency for SMEs in charge of Enterprise Europe Network, COSME, and other programs. The fund has backed 4 Neural Network deals.

Within the list of the 160 companies, only EASME has invested in several companies that are using Neural Network technology. But we can also find some renowned investors that have participated in at least one deal such as Idinvest or 360 Capital Partner.


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