How to Become a Successful Data Storyteller

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Let’s pretend the marketing department has asked you to research why website visitors have dropped recently. After looking at website visitors by channel, you discover the visitor drop is from organic search.

Your marketing stakeholders would care that website visitors are down because they’re directly responsible for driving visitors to the website but why would this matter to your peers or senior leadership if they’re not responsible for marketing?

It turns out visitors from organic search comprise 20% of all visitors to the website but they account for 50% of total sales. If the website visitors keep dropping, fewer people will purchase and this will cause revenue to decline.

A drop in revenue may affect upcoming salary increases and bonuses for your peers and senior leadership. If the company is public it may not make its earnings target causing the stock price to drop. This will cause the value of company stock held by employees to go down.

By this point, everyone should understand why they should be concerned organic search visitors are going down. If they don’t it wouldn’t hurt to re-emphasize the impact on them.

Now that you’ve presented the problem and shown why it matters to them, you offer a solution.

After checking with engineering you discover there were website changes that happened on the day the visitor drop started. Once the website is fixed the visitor volume should go back to normal.

Problem solved.


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