Can A.I shut down the next pandemic before it even starts?

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Can A.I shut down the next pandemic before it even starts?

We’ve all been affected by Covid 19 in one way or the other. It might be health related or mental agony. Researchers in Toronto have come up with something which might save millions of lives. We don’t know what the future holds and being prepared is the best step forward.

The research has been going on for quite some time now and interestingly the detection of this current outbreak ( Covid 19 ) was first done by A.I.

Artificial intelligence has its wings spread in almost all domains. Now it’s time for it to advance in the field of disaster prevention and management too. As we saw, Pandemics have intensive effects on a country’s healthcare system. Using A.I to keep a scan on such deadly viruses and deseases must be carryforward.

There’s been a theory going on that due to the antarctic ice slabs melting, there might be ancient viruses and germs which may wake up from their millenium long slumber and pose severe threat to existence. Using A.I in such hotspots would prevent catastrophic conclusions.

Stay scientific, stay protected.

This is Aryan Panchal signing off.


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