Artificial Intelligence For Kids

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Artificial Intelligence For Kids

An Important Guidebook for Today’s Parents

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As parents, you are likely to refrain from giving anything to your child that is artificial. However, the one thing that the children of today need to master is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It includes providing instructions through programming to machines and make them capable of working like humans. The machines can learn through AI to recognize speech, solve problems, and learn to plan just like us!

While some people say that AI is killing human jobs, the truth is that AI would lead to rising in open positions. According to Forbes, “Machines and algorithms in the workplace are expected to create 133 million new roles but cause 75 million jobs to be displaced by 2022 according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) called “The Future of Jobs 2018.” This means that the growth of artificial intelligence could create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years.”

What Can Teens Do By Learning Al skills?

Imagine a world without calculators. Or, even worse one without computers! There would so many problems if we did not have machine learning.

By developing AI skills, teens will be able to identify real-world problems and then find solutions to them with the help of programming. From Alexa to Siri, everything is AI. To thrive in the digital future, teens need to equip themselves with skills that enable them not just to consume but to create. AI helps to unleash the creators and innovators in teens making them ready for higher education and a fulfilling career.

Why Should We Expose Teens to Al?

If we look back about 40 years, we were considered literate if we could read, write, and do Arithmetic. n 1978, Andrew Molnar coined the term “computer literacy”. Knowing how to operate a computer became a must-have skill. Today, what the world needs is creators and AI is what can turn consumers into creators. So, AI for kids has become the most important skill to hone in the 21st century.

For a machine to develop artificial intelligence, we need to speak to them in a language that is called programming. It involves coding and looks somewhat like the following-

function addTwoNumbers (x, y)


return (x+y);


This is the way we need to tell machines to add two numbers. As this is a language, children and teens learn it the best because their brain plasticity is maximum.

Develops Soft Skills

When teens learn coding and AI skills, it promotes the following safe skills in them.

Abstract Thinking

Teens can think about and imagine objects that do not have a definite or concrete shape. When teens begin learning to code, they need to predict the outcome and the interrelationships between various parts which boosts their intuitive and creative capabilities.

Attention to detail

We all know that teens have a short attention span and are get distracted easily. Even while writing the most basic codes, teens need to be attentive and accurate. They are quick to pay attention to even minute errors in long programs and this improves their attention to details.


Many believe that programmers do not need to communicate with others and hence lack effective communication skills. What they forget is that they communicate with machines! Also, programmers are team players where they need to discuss and determine a problem and then with their AI skills solve the problem and convey that to all clearly.


Programmers bring abstract thinking to reality with their coding skills. Teens develop impeccable creative thinking when they use AI to innovate. As programming also involves experimenting with codes, programmers think out of the box while paving their way to innovation.


Teens often give up when they hit a roadblock. Programming allows them to build resilience and find out ways of solving problems rather than giving up. Debugging a program or removing errors from it is what teaches them to be patient and not to give in to the frustration of things not being perfect.

Why Invest in your child’s Al mastery?

Unlike other skills, AI for is something that helps children, especially teens hone a lot of skills that help them in their future. Even if they wish to pursue a career outside the world of AI, they hone universal skills like problem-solving, planning and organizing, storytelling, and so, on that help them thrive in any career.

The future is digital, so no matter which path today’s teens choose a solid knowledge of AI will always give them a competitive edge over others. It would enable them to keep their mind innovative and entrepreneurial.


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