Artificial Intelligence: A-Team Pyceptron View

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Artificial Intelligence: A-Team Pyceptron View

This article wasn’t written by a robot. But it could have been. Because, thanks to AI, machines are now capable of generating engaging, informative text — to the extent that organizations like Forbes are producing articles with the help of AI.

From writing product descriptions and web copy to industry articles and reports, there’s a range of AI-driven content tools available. For example, e-commerce leader Alibaba has come up with a tool called Copywriter that’s capable of generating more than 20,000 lines of copy in just one second.

To assist the IT team with identifying genuine cyberthreats and anomalies

One of the ongoing challenges faced by IT teams of all sizes is to separate the true cyber threats from false alarms. The difficulties associated with categorizing the two types may mean cybersecurity professionals waste time getting to the bottom of things that are ultimately nonissue. They might miss the actual threats that could derail a company’s operations.

Besides detecting possible intrusions associated with a network, AI can screen for software abnormalities that may make it easier for cybercriminals to orchestrate their attacks successfully. It can also find malicious software hackers installed. Due to this kind of information and the advantages of receiving it through real-time updates, IT security teams can work more productively. They can use the majority of their resources on the threats that matter most to the company’s stability.

Some organizations have even used AI to help them conquer the substantial skill’s shortage in the cybersecurity industry. At Texas A&M University, the Security Operations Center deals with about a million attempted hacks each month. The facility has some full-time workers, but students comprise most of the staff. They work alongside AI that aids in threat monitoring, detection and remediation.

Before students see possible threats, the smart technology finds and groups them. This approach saves time and lets the team get to work investigating the problems and deciding how to handle them.

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