Are We Only Alive When They Pick Up the Controller?*w6sDbyVkq50nytdJ

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We’re only real because we feel real.

The only reason we know we’re alive is because we can feel ourselves living. Our emotions are how we feel our human experience. You can feel every breath you take, proving to you you’re alive.

You can touch your reality as proof that you do, in fact, exist. We can even feel our bodies responding to music, weather, energies, stress — and each other. Our senses assist us in feeling in different ways.

So, my question to you is, what if our feelings were the only feature given to us to separate us from the knowledge that we might not be real? What if we were given feelings on purpose, to keep us unaware that we aren’t actually real? How does that make you feel? Does this make you want to put your own controller down?


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