AI Poem of the day #36

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The eighties, and I remember everything.
And I don’t mean the eighties, like the song “Ave Maria,”
The four-color era when everyone wore
Those hot-pink baby dolls on their laps. No,
I’m talking about the 1976 presidential campaign,
The fall of the monarchy in Chile,
That week in October when the specter of nuclear war
Hovering over the world, made Teenage Fight,
Watched by the totality of humanity, seem tame.
And that was just the cultural Cold War.
Yes, everyone talked about Sputnik and Spyplane
And American Byte and Dr. No’s Secret Plan,
But the kids in San Francisco had access to
The whole smartphone universe. The eighties were
The age of Y2K, or the early-to-arrives-at-nightfall
In-the-Empire, which, if I remember, was on purpose
And was caused by the burning cigarette but
May have been more mysterious than. For instance,
“Is the internet slow?” Yes, it’s slow, because it’s just
A single transmission line between a content provider
And a consumer. No, we haven’t forgotten that a
Soul is data, but this is a soul in a state of
Unstable Content. Only everything and everyone
On earth is matter. When I say everything and everyone,
I mean everything, every last atom, every boo-fool
Telepathic species-spawned-stuff and we
As such are matter. We never were more immortal than now.
For the life of me, I can’t imagine what they do with all
That matter, for entertainment or otherwise. And I mean everything.
From the ineffable calm of deep space to the hot zone
Of gamma rays ravaging flesh, the turbid
Twilight of star-fire, the prisms, the big push
And blink of the first galaxy, all the lights and big sounds
Of living, we can only think we know, we only think
We know, of everything that’s alive. Are you
Still a thing in your mind, or am I, am I,
A mind as strong as your planet is, am I?

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We create poems combining AI models. The poems were generated by a GPT2 model fine-tuned for poetry.
We choose to do no editing at all to the generated poetry. We think there is some fun in reading raw poetry coming from a machine, even with the obvious flaws.

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