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Yay, Pencil Fuel is finally here! — If you’re reading this, you are probably hearing about us for the first time. We are happy to introduce ourselves.

We are an artificial intelligence company that powers copywriting for businesses of every size. No, we are not a ‘robot that writes for you’ or ‘AI writing services’ but instead we are a platform facilitating our customers to easily manage their copywriting and content strategy needs, through a flat monthly fee.

Pencilfuel.com — Make unlimited copywriting requests and get unlimited revisions through a Flat Monthly Fee.

My co-founder and I have been working on this project for over 6 months and it’s been an amazing journey that we learned a ton, built our first version and beta with our friends, and now we’re finally ready to share it with everyone.

We’ve been in stealth mode for the last two months (April and May’21) testing our newest tech platform features, finding and cleaning bugs, hiring a selection of the world’s best copywriters, and servicing our early adopters (THANK YOU!)

Our Why:

We started Pencil Fuel out of our own frustration launching prior startups. We faced all the hurdles of getting our brand messages right, then running out of ideas for our email campaigns, blog articles, social posts, creating pitches for investors, magazines, you name it!

During the pandemic (Late 2020), we realized that not only the content creators, and entrepreneurs face those challenges. Small and even large businesses (and agencies) also struggle with their content marketing and copywriting needs.

Then we realized how hard it is for businesses and agencies of every size to keep up the recruiting of writers, the training, and then the turnaround. Further, how painful it is for the Marketing leadership team to handle multiple freelancers at the same time, the different invoices they have to pay, and the multiple platforms they need to monitor (e.g Fiverr, Upwork, etc) to ensure that the copywriting work is done on time, and on budget.

The rest is history — Pencil Fuel is your new single source for all your copywriting needs. Learn more at https://pencilfuel.com/

Our Mission: making copywriting affordable for everyone!

Pencilfuel.com — unlimited copywriting for businesses of every size.


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