Power Automate: Setup Tenant

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Power Automate: Setup Tenant

If you are reading this article, I assume you know about Power Automate and I don’t need to explain “What is Power Automate?” however if you are an alien and never heard of Microsoft or Power Automate, you can read out this article — Microsoft Power Automate: An Introduction.

Power Automate comes with Desktop + Cloud version and in order to access its functionalities, it requires its users to setup a tenant (Signin , if already signed up). Therefore we will learn how can we setup a tenant for Microsoft Power Automate in just a few steps.

So without wasting anytime, Let’s get started!!

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office365-enterprise-e3-business-software
  2. Click on Free trial to navigate to trial sign up page. (As shown in Figure: 1 below)
Figure: 1

3. Enter your Microsoft Account (MSA) e-mail address and click Next. If you don’t have MSA, you can create one on www.live.com. Once you create your MSA, follow the steps below.

Figure: 2

4. Click Set up account.

Figure: 3

5. Fill in your information and click Next.

Figure: 4

6. You’ll be asked to verify you identify using either phone call or text message. Follow directions and confirm your identity by specifying phone number.

Figure: 5

7. On the Create your business identity section supply a unique domain name

Note: you should choose your own unique tenant domain (I use demotrainingcompany just as an example)

8. Click Check availability and click next if the custom domain name is available.

Figure: 6

9. Now, let’s create an admin user ID and password for your tenant domain. You can choose any Name. Once you fill out your username and password, click Sign Up.

Figure: 7

10. Wait while tenant is created. It usually takes less than 1 min. Then click Get Started.

Figure: 8

11. This will navigate you to Office admin portal. When you land on the admin center page, you need to EXIT SETUP (note this could be a small UI in the bottom right hand corner)

That’s it!!

Next Step — How to configure environment?

Disclaimer: Information in this article, including URL and other Internet Web site references, UI Designs and steps to create a tenant may changed in the future. Screenshots were captured from Microsoft site.

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