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Autonomous Drone

Technology is everywhere, since the early days of humanity engineering new technology to increase productivity and labour costs has been on the minds of business owners/ entrepreneurs alike. The invention of the wheel enabled easier transportation of goods and services no longer meaning that travelling to trade between different settlements created agonising back pain for those who transported goods. This meant the production of goods could flow to and from various communities without much delay.

Despite what we as a society thing now, the invention of the wheel at the time was a disruptive technology bringing a quicker better and easier solution to something otherwise quite laborious and drawn out. In todays modern society technological advances are considered to be progress within the electronics and software development industry with a laptop being referred to as a piece of tech rather than a stone wheel. However the next few points indicate new and exciting tech which can change the world.


Our first disruptive tech is a new and exciting marvel of computer science, blockchain technology is used in many industries and is outwardly expanding in popularity among banking, voting and entertainment sectors. More recently blockchain technology has created a decentralised form of governance to allow organisations to govern themselves without the need for approval by human beings. The DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), is implemented in most blockchain projects acting as a gateway for users to vote on what the developers should create. This allows for projects to be community driven and controlled by the users to get the most out of the platforms they partake in. DAOs have become apart of everything lately and can allow developers to effectively get their users to beta test their product and vote on the most marketable sections while using the platform, thats two birds in one stone.


Decentralised Finance is another aspect of blockchain but in the banking services industry, much like bitcoin was and still is a unregulated currency using proof of work two validate transactions instantaneously without going through a bank. This acts as smart contract logic in Ethereum and enables seamless transactions over a peer two peer network in just over 10 mins. This defiance against the banks has now not just spread to currency but entire banking services, with companies such as AAVE pioneering high interest savings accounts, allowing users to yield a high return by investing in different crypto currencies.

There are now crypto index funds, arbitrage funds which are similar to stocks and shares ISAs as well as loans. The Ethereum network using smart contracts for governance allows for human logic to be automated with much quicker transaction times in these banking services.


Artificial Intelligence is now everywhere, with algorithms on sites like linked In and YouTube using this technology to deliver specific content to viewers and potential channel subscribers or in Linked Ins case, using user engagement and impressions to measure the amount of revenue the post or page has created for linked in via the amount of current and new users.

AI is the process of automating repetitive tasks to make decrease labour cost and make peoples lives much easier. For example, manual labour such as construction or store assistants / receptionists can be completely taken over by a user interface or android like form of intelligence. Recently I came across a video regarding a robot hotel in Japan, this is no surprise that Japan the land of anime would do such a thing, with Jurassic receptionists to android servers, the full staff from server to cooking have been fully automated.

This indicates that extremely labour intensive tasks will be replaces by AI within robotics meaning shop attendees will be robot shelf stackers, going a step beyond this humans would not even have to visit the shop in the first place and use a android or robot drone to collect food for us.

This video clearly demonstrates the capability of robotics and AI, showing that artificial intelligence is not just used for YouTube algorithms

Cyborg Territory

Using AI and robots to do everything for us sounds great, but where do all these jobs go, the transport industry employs 12% of the workforce, with retail and catering at 30–45%. This means to avoid mass unemployment humans will have to start rapidly upskilling to keep up with the advancement of AI. This is where Nueralink come into play with Elon Musk creating integrated Brain Computer Interface chips which can enable brain signals to receive data input from the internet and output data to control or add to user interfaces.

Take this Ted talk which shows how someone else’s arm can be controlled by another persons brain, this minimum viable product has so many applications, for example an astronaut would no longer need to go to space and will have the ability to fly and operate the rocket using a brain computer interface controlling the AI or robotics inside the craft.


These are all very disruptive technologies which are no longer science fiction, all of these products I have mentioned have minimum viable products which demonstrate the use and full applications of the technology. We are now getting involved, waiting and building the best technologies which will change mankind forever.


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