How AI Changes Customer Service

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How AI Changes Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence Development is currently being incorporated in customer service and relationship management to both augment and replace human support. Using AI for customer service aims to enhance the customer experience and eventually bring down customer service costs through automation.

With the digital transformation wave, Artificial Intelligence development for customer service is one of the big disruptors. A study shows that 56% of B2C and 79% of B2B clients expect their customer service representatives to know their background as soon as they start to interact. AI chatbot for customer service gives this expectation a realistic fulfillment.

Given how fickle the customer expectations are, both B2B and B2C customers want businesses to anticipate their needs in advance and provide relevant suggestions. This expectation gap reduces every day with evolving Artificial Intelligence solutions and (AI) services targeted at improving customer service.

Impact of AI in Customer Service

AI solutions are revolutionizing the business world; IT tops the list, followed by CRM platforms. It’s quickly changing the customer service processes in all their entirety.

AI technology is changing the face of customer service and customer relationship management. Companies can use AI to:

  • Gain real-time insights across all customer contact channels using AI machine learning capabilities.
  • Optimize customer representatives’ availability, wait times, and opportunities for proactive service delivery.
  • Using sensitivity and domain expertise analytics to escalate and classify cases on a priority basis.
  • Power chatbots to deliver knowledge using automated workflows.
  • Enable field agents to deliver service based on access to CRM data.
  • AI applications are finding a new way to deliver personalized services anywhere and at any time.
  • Optimize scheduling and routing using complete CRM data with the support of an AI machine learning company or software.

Let’s discuss some of the ways how AI integrated systems are disrupting the customer service vertical of businesses:

Your customers want to be certain that they continue their conversation exactly where they left off, on whatever channel they choose for their communication. When you plan on using an AI integrated system for your customer service, make sure it can be deployed on a variety of channels. This way, your users have the ease of switching channels, say between Facebook to Amazon, and still have a similar customer experience.

Conversational AI technology helps personalize the buyer’s navigating journey and make it more convenient while simultaneously saving companies a lot of time and money. AI-powered digital solutions make it worthwhile for businesses at an optimum cost.

It’s crucial to know the demographics of your target audience, when and how they are most likely to touch base with your business and convert, whether they prefer desktop websites or phone applications, and more.

This information hasn’t been easy to collect and analyze, thereby resulting in disoriented marketing and production efforts. AI Machine Learning capabilities can aggregate and analyze huge chunks of data into accessible reports and charts.

This data collection via AI solutions not only saves time but is much more reliable than conventional data collection methods. Business owners can compartmentalize their time and money in forecasting and marketing in the right direction.

  • Hyper-personalized Service

Another major shift in customer service has a lot to do with the quality of the service you provide. Customers want their representatives to know who they are and what they need at the time of interaction. They want them to be aware of the previous history they had with the company and all prior communications they’ve made.

Using AI for customer service, conversational AI takes into account the customer history quickly and personalizes its communication accordingly.

When it comes to customer service, the most sure-shot way to keep your customers satisfied and sales flourishing is to reduce waiting times. Statistics show that the speed of response and the speed of resolution are the two most important factors of customer service, no matter what channel is used for communication.

AI chatbots for customer service have shown results to meet customer expectations, deliver prompt responses, and successfully resolve 80% of the issues. Saving time is crucial not only for your customers but also for your workforce.

AI services engage customers in conversations so that it can provide extra information and doesn’t produce canned, pre-written phrases, but meaningful sentences.

Another very important thing that customers want is a 24/7 customer support hotline. As per conventional methods, BPO units in businesses used to run shifts to deliver customer services. AI solutions have reduced man hours, money, and redundant human efforts when it came to the picture for customer service delivery.

AI integrated systems have it possible to be available and provide customers with adequate support whenever they reach the website or application. Chatbots never need to sleep or rest, they are not influenced by time zones and never need to take a vacation.

And most importantly — they’re always calm, polite, and pleasant.


Customer service is one area where AI is currently widely used and having an impact. In different forms, it is being used to reduce the cost of customer service across industries such as fast food, banks, insurance, and retail.

Major companies are now confident that AI-integrated chatbots and voice-activated systems can reliably handle low-level requests, resulting in significant investment.

This means companies will likely be able to provide the current level of service they do now for less money, but that doesn’t inherently mean it will free up all companies to spend less on the customer service vertical.

The major impact of AI in customer service could be a reduction in total spending on customer service for the same industries, or it could be a quality improvement arms race for others while spending the same amount.


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