AI Poem of the day #35

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Heart of my heart, I’m back
from the dead.
I swam with salmon
through the worst of winter
and into spring.
I felt the weight of the world
light as a feather
when I woke
and went to meet you. You must have seen the way
I was weeping for the birds
and ran out to me.
You must have said,
Are you crazy?
Or said, Let me hold you
so you don’t stop. Your hands were still,
warm as if holding
a cradle.
The first summer in a house
where I had something to eat
and a bed to lie on.
You must have made me feel
normal, like an equal,
like a human being,
not just another woman
with a crazy friend.

Bot Poets Society


We create poems combining AI models. The poems were generated by a GPT2 model fine-tuned for poetry.
We choose to do no editing at all to the generated poetry. We think there is some fun in reading raw poetry coming from a machine, even with the obvious flaws.

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