WhatsApp-Salesforce Integration

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WhatsApp-Salesforce Integration

When Salesforce announced its integration with WhatsApp, it opened new channels for businesses to provide a more engaging customer experience. Now the top CRM platform can be used with a channel that has more than 2 billion active monthly users across 180 countries.

The Spring Release from Salesforce offers new customer service functionalities to agents. Now the customers can interact via the WhatsApp platform which is a better conversational platform than other traditional mediums like emails, text and phone. With WhatsApp coming into the picture, brands can now broadcast pre-approved templates in a planned and automated sequence.

To know more about the requirements for WhatsApp integration, refer to this video by Salesforce.

Digital Engagement: Messaging for WhatsApp (Service)

How to utilize WhatsApp-Salesforce integration for conversations

The main reason behind WhatsApp-Salesforce integration is to enhance the overall customer experience and services, rather than spamming them with promotional marketing campaigns.

This allows the channel to stay more engaging instead of becoming a channel for sales and promotional messaging.

2 Major benefits with WhatsApp-Salesforce Integration

1. Offer a direct channel of communication to customers

You can give an open channel like WhatsApp for customers to connect with your business directly. There you can have any number of service agents available to attend to those queries. Also, automate query resolution with an AI-powered WhatsApp bot.

2. Notify clients with pre-approved notifications

As a business, you can also initiate conversations with customers using WhatsApp’s pre-approved message notifications. As per WhatsApp notification guidelines, here is a list of permitted notifications published by Salesforce:

· Appointment Notification

· Transportation Notification

· Ticket Notification

· Issue Resolution Notification

· Alerts

· Account Notification

· Payment Notification

· Financial Notification

· Shipping Notification

· Reservation Notification

In order to use these messages on WhatsApp, you must attain approval on the templates. WhatsApp allows every business to design up to 250 message templates. It takes around 3–4 business days for WhatsApp to review and approve those templates. Then, you can start sending valuable notifications to your customers using WhatsApp Salesforce integration.

How to get started?

For that you’ll need a couple of things:

– Obtain user license for Salesforce

– Obtain approval on your WhatsApp business API

– Obtain Facebook Business Manager verification

ORAI can help you through the entire process of getting approval on WhatsApp API, Salesforce integration, and message template approval. Moreover, we can deploy an AI-powered WhatsApp bot to help you automate messaging and create an omnichannel experience for customers.

So, are you ready to reach out to 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide?

Click here to see a glimpse of how WhatsApp automation works.


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