Tensorflow lite micro on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense: Part 1 the hardware.

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Tensorflow lite micro on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense: Part 1 the hardware.

One project that I really want try is to TFLite micro. It combine two of my favorite technology into one, Machine Learning and Embedded System(or IoT).

Arduino Nano 33 BLE

To do that I got myself an Arduino Nano 33 BLE. This is an Arduino development board based on nRF52840, it features 1MB flash memory, 256kb SRAM, 64MHz speed. It have the usual BLE as well as other Arduino interfaces(USB, I2C..).

The most important part of this compared with the other Arduino Nano is this have several onboard sensor.

  • Temperature and moisture sensor, provided by HTS221 which is usable with ArduinoHTS221 library.
  • Barometer is provided by LPS22HB and usable with ArduinoLPS22HB library
  • Light sensor that can do RGB, Gesture(with onboard gesture engine) and distance up to 20cm, this is provided by APDS9960 which can be use with ArduinoAPDS9960 library
  • Digital Microphone, which you can turn gain and buffer etc. This is provided by MP34DT05 which is usable with the Arduino PDM library
  • Finally the IMU that track your acceleration and orientation. This is provided by LSM9DS1 usable with the ArduinoLSM9DS1 library

With this one can be quite a lot of already. For a software developer focus on software, this is awesome. This being Arduino, there’s way to connection to other sensor when needed.

One last cool thing about this board is, this one of the board supported by Tensorflow to use Tensorflow Lite Micro. But that is the story of Part 2


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