Simple scalability: how Rachel Fenn prepared her bookkeeping business to boom.

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Simple scalability: how Rachel Fenn prepared her bookkeeping business to boom.

Rachel Fenn, CEO and Director of Early Bird Accounts

CEO and Director of Early Bird Accounts Rachel Fenn has a passion for taking the stress out of running a business and enabling business owners to go on doing what they do best.

After working for years in professional accounting firms, Rachel began to see the need for an approachable yet friendly bookkeeping service that would provide accountants with the information they need, in the format they want. It was this realisation that inspired Rachel to found Early Bird Accounts.

With more than a decade of industry experience, an advanced diploma, and that passion under her belt, Early Bird Accounts is thriving. As her business grows and now with two staff, Rachel was looking to tech solutions to help her standardise and streamline her workflows. Enter: XBert.

What was needed

When Rachel founded Early Bird Accounts, she underestimated just how much of a demand there was for such a service. With her business growing rapidly, two staff now on her team and the view to expand to serve more clients, Rachel knew she needed to systemise and standardise her practice processes so she could scale her business easily.

When XBert was mentioned in one of the bookkeeping support groups on Facebook, she decided to take a look. She was immediately impressed at the product’s feature-rich functionality, and quickly saw that she could address multiple needs of her practice into one product.

The extensive AI-Audit risk alerts, along with task and process automation, in particular caught her attention.

“I loved the idea of XBert auditing my client files and ensuring we’re closer toward having perfect files right away. That, along with the data verification and being able to implement best bookkeeping practice at the same time, was what sold me.”

What XBert does for Early Bird Accounts

Rachel decided to jump in on a free trial and loaded all her files into XBert. XBert’s AI-Audit got right to work analysing the accounting software transactions and immediately found a number of issues in the data.

“Initially, it was a little overwhelming as so many XBerts fired — but when I started looking at how to resolve them, I realised it was actually super simple and it only took a couple of seconds to resolve each alert.”

XBert’s risk alerts analyse the data multiple times a day and flag issues, inconsistencies and errors in the data as they arise. With direct links into the accounting software for easily resolution, these alerts help reduce manual tasks for the team, and the need for rework. With the ability to assign to a team member or snooze for dealing with at a later date, it’s streamlined their practice workflow. In particular, XBert’s Bulk Actions function is a game changer for Rachel. These allow her easily file away necessary XBerts in one go, assign or reassign tasks if a team member is under the pump or away — and even Snooze them until she’s ready to check in.

Because Rachel had a large number of client files, she also decided to utilise XBert’s assisted onboarding program, Step Ahead.

“Working with the XBert team was awesome. It made it so easy to get my practice processes and workflow loaded into XBert and helped me learn how to use the product in line with my practice so efficiently.”

Templates and Client Scheduling has been a huge benefit for helping to standardize and automate her regular workflows.

“The flexibility of scheduling our work for different clients on a Template is the best. I can have the exact same workflow but assign to different clients and different time frames — that is something we struggled with before and ended up with things all over the place.”

Now, the team knows in one click what needs to be done at any given time. The Priority Board allows them to easily see what is most important and work through those Tasks systematically, from one place. They also have an automated, standard bookkeeping process available for everyone involved with a particular client. What’s more — if changes to schedules are required, it only has to be done in one spot, with a few clicks.

“This function alone has made my life so much easier.”

The future of XBert + Early Bird Accounts

With Rachel’s business goals in mind, it’s important she has aligned herself with solutions that can facilitate that growth — and that’s what she’s found in XBert.

“My focus is on scalability of any software I’ve taken on; with XBert I get the AI-Audit and the workflow management system and I can see how easily this is going to scale with us as the business grows.”

In her own words, Rachel says working with the XBert team has been “awesome” and she is looking forward to continuing a strong working relationship well into the future.


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