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Hey High-lev pro traders! How’s it going? We recently launched our Getsuga Crypto Activity channel and it’s hovering at around 160 subs, which is awesome and we’re super happy about that!

Great! But why should you, dear high-lev pro trader give a shit? Well, because Getsuga is a free channel made by quants that utilizes AI & ML to pinpoint anomalies in trade activity based on tickers. Which allows us, and channel subs, to reap free Alpha ahead of others thanks to real time analytical systems. The Getsuga channel is able to determine and show traders trends pior to other traders actions impacting the price of an asset.

It’s part of the Getsuga project, a goal of which is to create a fully automated AI hedge-fund that will create, manage (rebalance), long and short crypto portfolios of all kinds without human involvement and emotions. Our ultimate goal is to democratize AI & ML for retail investors so that they can make a stable passive income, we’re gunna do this by providing them with access to technology that was previously only available to large hedge funds.

Now, to acheive this, we’re a Tokensale or a liquidity offer or whatever will be held at some point in the near future, for the purpose of scaling fast as fuck. But more on that later, lets get to the bot and how to use it!

How to: Getsuga Crypto activity.

Again, keep in mind that the channel was launched just recently and seeing constant improvements and updates.

  • What is it? It’s anomaly detection algorithm based on big data and machien learning. It uses about 1.5 million trades to identify outliers.
  • So what the hell do I do? You simply watch the channel for messages about anomalies with massive buying/selling activity & volume and compare it to previous anomalies to determine short term trends. For example, if you see sell messages stacking and selling activity increasing, well, that means the market is turning short-term bear mode and its probably a good idea to open a short.
  • Useful tips: You don’t necessary need to sit in front of your screen like an addicted gambling ape and follow the market 24/7. But when you have the opportunity, try out some trades, but manage your own risk yourself and accordingly (risk management tools are something we’re developing), its also ill-advised to ape a trade and go for a nap, cause you know, markets are volatile and shit can happen. Also, the channel is more of an instrument for scalpers, it’s not really meant for longer term swing trades (yet). You can further enhance your chances of success by watching Bitcoin’s price chart on lower time frames, 3–15 minutes will do.

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