Hongmeng, to Create a Smart Life with All Things Connected

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Hongmeng, to Create a Smart Life with All Things Connected

On June 2, Huawei’s “Hongmeng Operating System” was officially released. This is a distributed operating system for all scenarios. Unlike Apple’s Android and other mobile computer systems, the Hongmeng system can be used in various IoT devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the process of connecting everyday physical objects to the Internet-from common household items such as light bulbs, to medical assets such as medical equipment, to wearable devices, smart devices and even smart cities, all of which can be connected to the Internet.

01 Hongmeng-HarmonyOS

In August 2019, at the Huawei Developer Conference, Yu Chengdong announced the official launch of the Hongmeng operating system and announced that this is the world’s first distributed OS for all-scene microkernels and supports open source.

In September 2020, Huawei Hongmeng operating system was upgraded to 2.0. Huawei brought a comprehensive upgrade of distributed capabilities such as distributed soft bus, distributed data management, and distributed security.
In May 2021, Huawei’s original EMUI official account was renamed HarmonyOS, and a video of the Hongmeng boot screen was released. From the boot screen, you can find that the words “Powered by Android” have become “HarmonyOS”

In June 2021, Huawei released Hongmeng OS 2.0 and many new products equipped with HarmonyOS 2.0.

Hongmeng system is a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. Hongmeng system will integrate more devices from the underlying technology of the software, so that multiple devices can not only be connected together, but also can achieve collaboration, so that when users use multiple devices, it is as simple as when using one device.

02 Hongmeng-born for the Internet of Things

While netizens repeatedly compare Hongmeng with Google Android, Huawei has repeatedly emphasized that Hongmeng’s system is not Android or iOS, but an operating system that spans all devices.
Ren Zhengfei also said, “The Hongmeng system is not used in mobile phones as everyone thinks. When we build this system, we don’t want to replace Google. We are an operating system for the interconnection of everything and the intelligent society in the future.”

The Hongmeng system is not only a mobile phone operating system, but also includes all IoT applications such as smart watches, in-vehicle systems, smart home systems, and industrial smart systems, which is what Huawei calls “everything in a lifetime, everything in one”. It can seamlessly connect all scenarios and applications through modular and distributed design, and can be applied to any product. At the same time, if you have a universal controller for the Harmony system (such as a mobile phone), you can control all applications Harmony System product.

03 JarvisPlus-Internet of Everything

In the future, the Internet of Everything is the general trend, which is the era of all artificial intelligence. With the rapid iteration of information and communication technologies represented by emerging technologies such as mobile communication technology, Internet of Things, 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence, etc., the connection between things and things, things and people, and people will continue to increase, and the next generation of communication technologies will be opened. The era of the Internet of Everything. How beautiful is the “smart society”? Behind the infinite imagination, it also leaves us with the possibility of approaching the dream society step by step.

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