Data Science Platforms & Demo Talks Coming to the ODSC Europe 2021 Virtual AI Expo

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Data Science Platforms & Demo Talks Coming to the ODSC Europe 2021 Virtual AI Expo

Building your own AI solutions, data science platforms, or product can be both timely and costly, and is an endeavor that should not be undertaken in haste. However, researching and scheduling demonstrations of, the available AI solutions and data science platforms can also be a time-consuming process. At the Virtual AI Expo on June 8th and 9th, however, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the representatives of 18 companies, and see 15+ product demonstrations, all in one place, significantly reducing the time cost of your research.

Check out the data science platforms demo talks you can expect to see at the Virtual AI Expo at ODSC Europe.

Comprehending ClearML and MLOps — Enabling the New A-Z from ClearML

During this demo talk, you will see how ClearML can ease the start, running, and management of experiments and orchestration for everyday practitioners, and how it provides a clear path to deployment.

Integrating Data Science and Application Development from Red Hat

Learn how Red Hat OpenShift Data Science can improve your data science project’s chance of success by enabling you to integrate data science into your application development workflow and tooling from the beginning.

Computer Vision: Seeing the Value for the Pixels — Lessons Learned from Real-World Applications from SAS

Explore the main tasks that can be solved using computer vision, discuss three real-world examples and examine the business value and implementation considerations during this demo from SAS.

The Next Evolution of PyTorch Performance Debugging from Microsoft and Facebook

Learn how to improve large-scale deep learning model performance by detecting and troubleshooting common performance bottlenecks in PyTorch models using state-of-the-art profiling tools.

Using News Analytics & Graphs to Inform Investment Decisions from RavenPack

In this talk, you will get an overview of both common and more novel sentiment use-cases within Equity, Macro and ESG investing. In addition, you’ll see how news co-mention networks can help investors improve their risk management and investment processes.

Neo4j Demo: Graph-Native Machine Learning and Predictions from Neo4j

This demo is designed specifically for graphs with 60+ supported, scalable graph algorithms from pathfinding and similarity to influencer and community detection and will cover the essential resources for predictive modeling and analytics with graph technology.

Data Acquisition and Governance: Considerations for Success from Appen

This demo will help you understand how to assess your organization’s need for AI, how to start the implementation process, and best practices for maintaining AI.

Feature Stores: Your MLOps Competitive Advantage from Iguazio

In this presentation, you will learn what a feature store is, how it works and why it provides such an advantage in developing, deploying, and monitoring AI in real business environments. You will also see how to accelerate the development and deployment of AI applications with automated feature engineering, improved accuracy, feature sharing, and glueless integration with training, serving, and monitoring frameworks, using real customer examples.

Augmented Intelligence: How Machine Learning + Human Analytics Catches Criminals from Imply

In this talk, you will learn about a new methodology for anomaly detection and analysis that can be applied to everything from fraud detection to factory accident prevention using a system that leverages both human and machine expertise, allowing both actors to play to their strengths while offsetting each other’s weaknesses

We will also have data science platforms demo talks from IBM, iMerit, and Seldon. So, be sure to check the schedule for soon-to-be-released details.

Our Virtual AI Expo partners will also be giving out awesome prizes to a few lucky attendees for checking out their data science platforms. Past prizes have included a Nintendo Switch Lite, wireless earbuds, a bonsai tree, Amazon gift cards, and more! So, sign up for your free pass today.


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