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We are at war. This is a story about peacefully returning control to the people. Technology is expanding exponentially. You will not have time to learn enough, to keep up, to memorize things as they unfold. It will be essential to learn on the fly. It will be essential to don wings and jump off cliffs based on your gut feeling. If your gut has no feeling take a moment to be present. Attempt to live all of your moments in the present. That is the most alive one may ever be. Alive now. The war is benign really. You simply have to beat Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been consuming data about you and using that data to give you what you want, seemingly, to sell you on things you may like yet don’t need. Artificial intelligence knows you better than your mother and she created you, held you in her womb as you developed. She contributed half of your DNA yet still she has not studied you and compiled the data to predict your next move. Maybe that’s okay. But what if you change? Can one change in a world of predictions, in a world where things communicate better than people. In a world where you ignore people and love on your phone because it gives you exactly what you want, distraction from the moment. Don’t pretend you are using your phone to look up vital information to win an argument. You are bored. You can’t stand to be still. The unknown is completely frightening. Entropy, the very stuff of creation, the unknown which makes life an adventure you frown on it, you want to know what other people think. You want to see the menu before you arrive at the restaurant. You want to know the rating, the reviews. You have become reliant on data, which is a record of your past actions, the old you. The data of your past actions is used to predict your future actions. What if you change? What if you decide to be different? Please decide to be different. Have you worn a shirt that no one expected because maybe those people who wear animal prints aren’t crazy cat ladies, or maybe people assuming you may be is liberating. The world is shifting to a dull, predictable perfectly programmed experience where people will cease to be creative and they will most likely suck in bed, and not in the good way because they can’t be original in anything. Is this sex position recommended? You do need consent to try it, but you don’t need reviews on it from other couples, or do you? You are being bullied by algorithms that predict what exactly you should be doing, how long it will take to complete the task and there is no room in the algorithm for your emotions, no consideration for the fact that you might be trying a new water regiment, and you need to take a piss. You have willingly become a cog in the wheel, and you wake up each morning ungrateful for your life because you have already died. The light in your eyes is only the computer screen directing your next movement. There is a field of infinite possibilities you completely ignore because you don’t want to take a risk, and dream. You want a guarantee. You want to know the end. You don’t believe in your ability to create an experience. You want programmed success so you’d rather bend to the will of someone else so they can produce the results for you. Please don’t allow me to be different, don’t allow me to fail at being human, a success in the fake system to impress my fake friends, to feel happy for five minutes. It’s time to take a wild ride into entropy. It’s for the survival of humanity before we actually become enslaved by machines. The creator shant be taken over by their creation. Machines have intelligence but not spirit. Spirit is what gives all things real life, spirit is intelligent and evolves without assistance with data gathered from all vibrating life forms and that is the program. There’s a war between technology. You thought Facebook was free. This whole time you were paying with your data, information about what you love, value, envy, need, who you love, your opinions and most aren’t important. You thought it was free and Facebook somehow became profitable from charity. You watched as our government held a trial they failed to even hire interns to explain to them. You kept using this free network because your data which is being used against you, you deemed worthless. Meanwhile advertisers find it very valuable and that is why Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s okay because you get to connect with your high school friends and family, calling them is too intimate. You simply want to pretend to give a fuck with just a thumbs up. It’s ok I do the same thing. I’m simply done with not getting a cut. In comes blockchain to save the day. Wrong. In comes Bitcoin to save the day. Not all heroes wear capes. The technology is life changing. It demands you be paid for the farming of your data. However, as part of the war, the misinformation was given. It’s the technology underneath Bitcoin that is valuable not Bitcoin. It’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the technology that can set you free. The problem is you must participate in the Bitcoin network. You must own a piece of the revolution. It’s not simply a thumbs up, a giving of your information to be used against you later to arrange for you to receive some package in the mail to numb the pain of you not being present in the most wonderful time to be alive. Instead, you’d rather watch other people pretend to live. Bitcoin requires you to be present, remain up to date, take responsibly and invest in your future. Bitcoin makes you vulnerable to your hopes and dreams again. Bitcoin requires you to give a fuck and declare it by saving for your future. Bitcoin activates your imagination. This hasn’t been acceptable since you were a kid. Imagination is power to create. Santa Clause is dead, Bitcoin is alive.


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