[Announcement] AI Network x DSRV Platform is now LIVE!

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[Announcement] AI Network x DSRV Platform is now LIVE!

Hello! AI Network Community!

To build the ecosystem of Collaborative AI, the AI ​​Network dev team has developed and launched Ainize, an open-source AI marketplace, and the testnet with tools such as AI Network Connect, AI Network Insight. Also, in the first half of this year, the team successfully launched Teachable NLP and AI Writers, which are AI-powered applications operated by worker nodes on the AI Network testnet.

We are expecting to have more AI-powered applications running on AI Network this year, and thus rewards provided to our worker nodes will increase over time.

We want to encourage any community member to participate as an AI Network worker node, so we are launching a service on DSRV, which is a Node-as-a-service platform.

Overview of AI Network x DSRV Platform

Now you can easily join as a worker node on AI Network via DSRV Platform. Previously, node participants had to prepare and manage their own computing infrastructure to operate the worker nodes. However, DSRV enables even beginners to simply create worker nodes on AI Network and get AIN as a reward.

1.Monthly payments and AIN rewards per node on DSRV Platform

  • CPU Node: Payment ($160/month) → Reward (1,440 AIN/month)
  • GPU Node: Payment ($800/month) → Reward (7,200 AIN/month)
  • High GPU Node: Payment ($2,400/month) → Reward (21,600 AIN/month)

2.Number of nodes to be running on DSRV

  • 90 nodes in total (30 CPU nodes, 30 GPU nodes, 30 High GPU nodes)

How to use AI Network x DSRV Platform

1.Go to the DSRV Platform’s ‘Run Your Node’ page and click on ‘AI Network’ in the list of available nodes.

2.Fill in the required information on the node application page.

  • Node Name: Fill in as you like
  • Address: Fill in a wallet address to get the AIN reward; It must be a wallet of which you have the mnemonics or the private key (i.e. a MetaMask wallet)
  • Node Role: Automatically designated as ‘Dedicated-AI Worker’
  • Cloud: Automatically designated as ‘Azure’
  • Region: By clicking on each region, you can check the nodes provided by that region. Select a region that has a node spec you want to run
  • Spec: Select the desired node spec

3.After checking the monthly fee at the bottom of the node application page, click ‘Next’.

4.Confirm the selected node information and click ‘Payment’.

5.Go to the Payment page and proceed with payment through the Coinbase App or a cryptocurrency transfer.

  • Supported cryptocurrencies for payment are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin, Dai, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • If you have the MetaMask Chrome Extension installed, you can transfer your cryptocurrency on MetaMask directly to the shown address.
  • After confirming the transfer, you will be redirected to the ‘Transaction submitted’ stage.
  • Once the transaction is complete, the web page will switch to the ‘Verifying payment’ stage, and wait for 8 confirmations. (Click ‘View payment’ to see the transfer history on Etherscan)

6. After the payment verification is complete, you will be able to find your AI Network node information in the ‘Watch Your Node’ list on the DSRV Platform.

7.Check the AIN reward status and payouts

  • Click your AI Network node on the ‘Watch Your Node’ list, and you will see the detailed information of the node and the AIN reward history.
  • If the accumulated AIN reward on the 1st of each month exceeds a certain amount, it is automatically paid out in a staked form. The AIN tokens are staked on behalf of your wallet address, which means you can earn additional interests on the rewards. Note that only you can unstake and claim your staked AIN.

You can check the total AIN reward paid out at https://ainetwork.ai/staking by entering ETH wallet address or connecting your MetaMask wallet.

We are look forward to seeing many of you on this platform!

Thanks for your support!


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